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If you’re working in a marketing agency, you already know the essentiality of customization. In a world where each of your customers has different needs starting from digital marketing to social media management, you need proper marketing tools to manage each of your customer’s demands.

It is not at all easy right?

It’s a must to automate and outsource these activities and build a partnership with a white label reseller company and let them do the work.

To help you in your automation journey, Soffront has launched a white label CRM software, containing the best of white label tools from social media management to invoicing and generating marketing reports. These can help you to establish your business credibility and provide a more personalized experience for your potential customers. 

Before you proceed with the features that come with Soffront’s White Label CRM, let’s find out the things you should consider while looking for a white label solution for your agency.

How do you choose?

By choosing a white label software, you’re reducing the initial cost of starting up your agency. Also, you will face much lesser problems in your logistics. This way, agencies are making the best use of the software that is providing a rebranding and earning opportunity for you.

Depending on the way you want to develop your business, you could be looking for investments such as customer support, client retention, marketing, management, and more. The best way to prepare your agency for long-term success is by listing down your requirements.

Now, let’s state the obvious criteria while choosing a White Label CRM as a reseller:

Criteria for choosing the best White Label CRM software

Know their history

soffront - white label CRM service

History can be many things, but in the case of a CRM reseller partner, history means a lot. Before you choose to buy, some of the questions you should be asking are:

  • How long their company has been in business?
  • Are your IT staff certified in data analytics, system integration, and marketing technology, etc?
  • What is their average yearly customer retention percentage?
  • Are there any other partners they’re presently working with, how long have they worked for?

Tracking your white label partner’s reviews

soffront - white label CRM Agency

It’s not always possible to be 100% sure that your white label CRM service partner is the best one. Reviews are of huge help and should be the foremost priority while evaluating your potential reseller partners. Website reviews should be the first stop, along with other review sites, glass doors, Yelp, etc. But there are plenty of CRM specific review sites to source reviews of your partners including Source forge, software advice, and many more.

To define what you want your CRM to do

Soffront - White Label CRM Agency

You can’t blindly hop into a white label CRM partnership, just because everyone else is doing it. It’s necessary to understand why you need a CRM software. Set up a discussion with your team, brainstorm, and try to find out your CRM objectives.

Here’re some possible objectives that you must have:

  • Ability to generate sales, marketing, customer supports that will help to boost your business profit
  • Can scale your marketing operations while making it more productive
  • Ability to optimize your client data and make it organized

Narrow down your offerings

soffront - white label CRM solution

If you’re a digital marketing agency, you might be offering a range of services starting from content to PPC campaign management. The very first thing while searching for the best white label CRM software for your digital agency is to narrow down your offerings. This is the typical list of offerings an agency offers:

  • Social media marketing
  • Pay per click and paid promotions
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing service
  • PR and campaigns
  • Influencer marketing

This step is vital, as you will need to create individual pipelines for each of the offerings. Thus, it’s obvious that you must look for a CRM software that allows you to create multiple pipelines without any limitations and with most customization competencies.

Needless to say, your ideal white label CRM will help you to manage deals efficiently, and you will be able to close more deals from one level to another effortlessly.

That provides you with a collaborative workspace

soffront - crm white label reseller

white label CRM software shouldn’t be just a tool to help you manage your deals. It should be much more than that. Managing all the deals collaboratively is something you need to understand.

In any digital marketing agency, multiple teammates take care of deals in sales and marketing. Smart features such as Soffront White Label CRM allows you to work cooperatively.

Likewise, any of your team member who has access to it can easily respond to the ongoing deal and any available sales rep can reply to the conversation, leaving no room for the prospect to wait.

Checking the pricing and Add-ons

soffront - Crm software white label

Pricing can be a significant factor while evaluating a white label CRM software, but that analysis must focus on more than just the upfront cost. Most of the CRM software you look for offers on a per-user basis, but it is always important to check the main features included in the price and the features you need.

Training can take up a chunk of your budget, as well as the budgets and ongoing support. Now just think how much it may cost to integrate the software with your systems. These costs may quickly add up.

It’s important that you take time into considering what’s best for you. This way you can choose the white-label software that is the most efficient for your agency. And if the white label partner has resources to train the already customized software, then eventually things would start to work for you.

Let your IT relax with quick onboarding

soffront - white label crm providers

While adopting a white label CRM solution, the last thing your agency needs to waste time is on the lengthy onboarding process. With Soffront’s White label CRM software, onboarding becomes super easy.

  • Import you customer contact in just a go
  • Schedule your next action with due dates
  • Start from the contact and close more deals!

Concluding lines

Now that you’ve understood the ways to choose the right white label CRM for your agency, you can take the next step towards creating more complex promotional tasks that are best suited for your agency.

Once you’re ready to choose your White label partnership, let us help. Apply for a white label partnership. To know more contact us on www.soffrontcrm.com.

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