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CRM software is one of the major things that a company needs to focus on. Most importantly, customer relationship management is a crucial part of business, and white Label CRM systems ensure that the best solutions are provided. 

Finding the best CRM software provider might be a difficult task to do. Here, we’ll share some of the features and use of White Label CRM before you jump into selecting a white label CRM service.

But before we delve into this, you must understand the importance of having a CRM system for your business.

Why should your business have a CRM solution?

If you’re reading this, you’re certainly thinking whether CRM software would make sense to your business or not. As you measure the evidence, look for the warning signs that may indicate your need of CRM software.

Reduced efficiency and productivity

Manual processes such as messy spreadsheets and multiple paper approvals may waste a significant amount of time. A CRM system replaces the process of manual chores by automating the process of data entry and repetitive tasks. Thus, integrating account-oriented team communication into a unified interface. Not only does it result in increased efficiency, but it also improves the rate of sales success.

Lack of collaboration between Departments

At times, departments may become clogged with daily work so much that you may start to lose track of other departmental activities. While the customers that are interacting with your company may find themselves being rebounded and misinformed on the latest updates and needs. CRM enables anyone within the organization to see the lifecycle of each lead and allows you to address their needs. This visibility is achieved using CRM features including dashboards and report sharing.

Meager analysis of Data

You’re doing everything to make your customers happy, and you want to believe you know your customers the best. But there may be certain things you still don’t know about them. This is because, the less you have access to data, the less you know.

Leveraging on a CRM can help you identify your customers’ needs better through a built-in reporting and data analysis system. Using these features, you can gain complete insight into their seasonal habits, social media behaviors, specific choice, and much more.

Now let’s, have a look at the must-have features of a White Label CRM

Must-have features of White Label CRM

Ability to Sell a complete solution

All your customers are searching for a complete solution. The more you can offer them the better it will be. 

But just providing them with a white label CRM software might not be the end of everything, and that you don’t need to offer anything else. You must remember that the customers do not just want a product whereas they want a solution. So, as a white label reseller partner, you will be creating their landing pages, writing email content, deciding on the way email drip system works, develop their workflow, and much more.

So, as a user of private label CRM, you’re providing a complete CRM and marketing automation platform for your clients either as an additional benefit or as your core service. It includes CRM tools, messaging, email marketing, landing pages, managing workflows along with all of your content and marketing needs.

Reasonable cost structure

The CRM solution offered to the companies must have an affordable structure of cost.  A cost to quality ratio must be maintained in terms of cost per user and upfront cost related to features such as customized CRM, onboarding, and maintenance cost. Soffront, as a white label reseller program, provides a feature-rich CRM with loads of upgraded options such as contacts, emails, texts, and calls.

For reselling Soffront’s white label CRM to others you’ll need to upgrade to the partnership plan. With the partnership program, you’re liable to get a free plan with an opportunity to make at least 20% of the commission on all of the plans you sell.

User-friendly and seamless operations

A white label CRM needs to require zero effort to understand, use, and assimilate to all your existing features. The whole point of CRM is to make the lives of your customers easier. Also, it must have the ability to boost productivity, lower the time needed for daily activities, and significantly eliminate the risk of manual errors and miscommunication.

Customization is another essential feature of White label CRM. The CRM solution your customer is seeking has to offer some options for customization to adapt to their needs. This enables you to have control over your customers and the data you’re prioritizing to work with. Specifically, the seamless integration with multiple tasks and user-friendliness must be the ultimate priority.


For every business planning to utilize a white label CRM must know that it must have a no-frill solution, automated sales and integrated marketing strategy at the core of it. Most importantly, real-time support for the sales, marketing, and lead generation ensures that your business is on the track for offering great customer service.

In its essence, a complete CRM solution serves an upgraded, flexible, easily searchable version of manual documenting, provided with the capability to store future information.

Things to keep in mind while using a White Label CRM

While implementing a white label CRM, it’s important to know that there will be a learning curve and you’ll require time to grasp over the platform before being able to utilize all of its features, unless your selected provider offers a trusted White label Agency CRMThink of a few basic features that it should have.

Whether you’re looking for your first white label CRM or already using CRM to manage your activities, with the information, you can transform your business from a simplified process to a system where you can empower your sales team and grow your revenue.

Hopefully, you have understood, the way a white label CRM solution can help your business. As you saw, there are a lot of interesting features that you can get from using a reseller program. So, go ahead and explore more about Soffront’s White Label reseller partnership program and decide which of the benefits offered by it feels right.

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