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Select Customer Success Stories

American Security Programs

“After looking at all of the other products, we determined that Soffront represented the best ROI.”

Diefendorf Capital Planning

“In the last three years, we have increased our revenue by 300%. Soffront is one of the key reasons for this growth.”

StoneEagle Group

“With automated functions, all of the necessary personnel know what’s happening in real-time and we can be responsive to customers.”

Eurofins MWG Operon

“After just five months, we had automated 70% of all orders. All total, I would estimate that Soffront saves us approximately $100,000 per year.”

Central Services Association

“With Soffront’s hosted or on-demand solution, we were able to jump in within a month.”


“We came to realize that by using Soffront, our capabilities were limitless. The product is so scalable that we can customize it to do anything we need.”


“We chose Soffront because it was more customizable than other solutions and the various modules it offered.”

New England Controls

“We selected Soffront because we wanted an on-premise solution that was also extremely flexible and customizable.”

Celeritas Group

“Soffront is helping us improve sales cycle visibility, customer service, and new market development.”

Dial Telecom Romania

“Soffront CRM allows us to react faster so that our customers receive better service.”

Oil & Gas Information Systems

“Soffront ensures we are up to speed on each customer’s needs.”

Leica Geosystems

“As our company has grown and our software has become more complex, Soffront CRM has grown with us.”

Video Testimonials

Soffront Online CRM saves me a lot of time. I work with multiple customer records simultaneously, review my pending activities and drill down to the details in one click. Prospecting is very efficient and it is easy to manage my pipeline. I capture leads from the website and snap business cards directly into the CRM. I use Soffront’s built-in email and social marketing to nurture and qualify my leads.

Soffront is affordable and I can use my mobile phone or computer to use the CRM. I recommend anyone in business to use Soffront.

Mark Porter

Owner, Express Employment Professionals

Soffront CRM allows us to improve in numerous areas. We can now better manage our sales cycle, produce superior sales reports, and more thoroughly track and report on congressionally mandated outreach requirements.

Wayne Gardella

VP, Export-Import Bank of the United States

We use Soffront CRM for sales, customer service, knowledge and asset management functions. We chose Soffront CRM because of its easy integration and customization for all our departments.

The 1 click 360 view capability enables our sales and customer support people to get the important customer information quickly and help improve our customer satisfaction.

David Lewis

Executive Vice President, Sentric

We have been a customer of Soffront for ten years. During that time, I have been impressed with Soffront’s ability to customize their product to match the real-world workflow of our business. As our business has changed, Soffront has been able to change with us, moving their CRM product forward. Year after year, Soffront meets our ever-changing needs by providing time-saving and business enhancing features.

Andre Fidellow

VP, HealthTec Software, Inc.

Our biggest requirement was that the CRM system we chose had both contact center and sales functions, of which Soffront has both. Soffront’s speed and ease of implementation, combined with their integrated suite of products and highly competitive pricing led us to choose them over other CRM systems such as Zoho, Salesforce.com, and Maximize. We also found Soffront very simple to use.

Debby Webster

Owner and consultant, Triskel Consulting

We are impressed with Soffront’s flexibility, which allows us to tailor the software to meet our specific needs. Soffront’s robust workflow features will dramatically improve the efficiency in our sales, marketing and customer support processes.

Caleb Olthoff

Project leader, Absolute Performance, Inc.

To ensure that the CRM software we selected met our goals, we put together a detailed list of criteria and then weighted each need based on importance. Soffront CRM easily topped the ranking, giving us the most features we needed for the best price.

Jim Macellaro

Director of IT, Ensim Corporation

With Soffront’s easy to customize integrated CRM suite, we felt Soffront offered us the best ROI for our needs. Now, when our site managers are out doing building inspections, they have access via their iPads to the Soffront CRM and I get reports in real time. I can keep an up to the minute pulse on the business and don’t have to wait for paper reports to be turned in at a later time or have them to come into the office to turn in their work.

Harry Tossounian

President, Gibbons Maintenance, Inc.

Narus purchased Soffront CRM several years ago to improve work processes in our engineering department. The customization capabilities of Soffront CRM give us the flexibility to easily adjust our processes as our business grows.

Richard Casey

Senior Director Engineering Operations, Narus

Although many companies claim that their software is customizable, in reality, it isn’t. The problem with customizing an application is that if you make too many modifications, you won’t be able to accept updates from the software vendor. Soffront allows us to tailor the software to meet our specific business processes without the fear of experiencing problems when we update.

Jeffrey Zickler

President, PayPlus Software

We selected Soffront over other CRM solutions because it offered a robust, feature-rich, web-based solution that was also easy to customize.

Tom Ridinger

Administrator, Avocent Corporation

Soffront CRM has allowed us to be much more organized – we now have a global view of all outstanding issues and can more accurately monitor the status of numerous projects. Soffront CRM provides a cohesive, common interface for managing all parts of the IT organization.

Andrew Gill

IT Manager, Software Systems, Art.com

The more I learn about Soffront and what it is capable of, the more professional my event invitations, newsletters, social media postings and emails are looking! Having one place to store all my sales information, work flows, tasks and calendaring is such a far cry from the old methods I used in the past.

Frankly and honestly, I am lost without my Soffront System!

Bonnie Richtman

VP Business Development, Peak Performance

I have been using Soffront for a few months now. Before I moved to soffront I was using salesforce. But I had been unhappy with salesforce, for a CRM system to be successful it must be very user friendly. You must be able to take full advantages of the features available without needing to be a trained IT expert.

Moving to Soffront has been a really good experience. Before moving I trialed about 10 other CRM systems but found none provided the service I was recieving from soffront while on the trial. The quality of service has also been maintained since moving accross to Soffront. For myself I think they offer a very quality product with quality support.

Alex Warren

Success Coach, Australia

Using the Internet, I spent six weeks researching different CRM choices. In the end, I chose Soffront because the software was extremely flexibile and the sales people were accommodating without being pushy. I also liked that Soffront provided floating licenses, because it gives us more for our money.

Frank Donovan

Director of Marketing, JD Silvetti Group

We were looking for a long-term relationship with a company that could help us better organize our work, improve performance, cut down on duplicity, and in general be a part of a growing family. Initially we will be using the CRM for basic sales functions, but Soffront has numerous aspects that I look forward to phasing in over the next 2-3 years.

Paul Douglas

National Contracts Coordinator, Analytic Stress

We needed a browser-based solution with a powerful platform that would integrate easily into our existing system and give us a common user-interface. After evaluating the cost and features of competing products, we chose Soffront, because it had all of the features we wanted at a competitive price.

Giacomo Lorenzin

CEO and president, HiT Software

Using Soffront, we found a solution that allowed us to access accurate information quickly. We also enhanced our internal communications and automated bug tracking and help desk tickets.

Francesco Mollisi

Senior Consultant, THEMA Consulting

Soffront’s highly competitive pricing and advanced customization features made it an easy decision for our company to abandon SalesForce.com. Their easy to use interface simplifies new employee training and allows our staff to better serve our customer base. Having been with Soffront since 2009, I would recommend their CRM solution to any business looking to lower expense and increase productivity.

Adam Johanningmeier

IT, MerchantService.com

Now we’ll have a complete customer follow-through system. Before Soffront, we have had no mechanism for tracking pertinent customer information in order to inform them of our promotions and otherwise communicate with them. The Soffront system will allow sales and customer service to efficiently follow up and reach out in an appropriate and timely manner.

Giovanni D’Egidio

Managing Partner, Hollywood Sports Relieving, Inc.

Soffront has all of the features we needed at a lower price than other leading KMS solutions. Since deploying Soffront KMS in 2007, our Technical Support Center Resolution rates have improved dramatically. We resolve issues faster, which saves us time and money.

Mary Ann Cavener

Team Leader, SCC Soft Computer

After requirements documents were created, the project manager identified vendors (SalesLogix, Siebel, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Soffront) that met Excel’s criteria. Vendor demonstrations were conducted in house and via the web. After reviewing all of the options, the steering committee recommended Soffront CRM to executive management, and Soffront was selected as the best solution for Excel.

Bonnie Gouzias

Business Systems Analyst, Excel Switching Corporation