#1 Trusted CRM Software For 25 Years

Customer Management Software To Convert More Customers To Advocates

#1 Trusted CRM Software For 25 Years

Customer Management Software To Convert More Customers To Advocates

Basic CRM Features

Included with all Soffront subscriptions

Provide Support Using Multiple Channels

Centrally Manage Your Customer Information

Get a complete 360 degree view of customers from one central location with the click of a button.


  • See all customer information – address, phone numbers, and email addresses, contacts, notes, activities, pending tasks and appointments, attachments from one screen.
  • All changes and interactions with customers are automatically tracked and available as historical data.
  • Extend customer information with custom fields.
  • Track critical information from your back office such as sold items and invoices using custom tables.
Follow-up on time

Follow-up On Time With Tasks and Appointments

Never miss another follow-up.  Let the CRM be your virtual assistant.


  • Stay on top of your schedule with automated email and popup alerts.
  • Manage your to-do list with a power task board. See your daily, past due, and upcoming tasks from one screen.
  • Manage your daily and weekly appointments with a powerful calendar.
  • Invite customers to appointments and create recurring appointments.
  • Automatically forward appointments to the next follow-up date when an appointment is completed.

Customer Workflows

Design and Follow Customer Workflows

Bring over your existing customer workflows into CRM. Soffront will help you keep the workflows that work and improve the rest.


  • Design different categories of workflows if you have different types of customers.
  • Break down your workflows into stages and tasks to be completed for each stage.
  • Create re-usable email templates for different stages of the workflow and automate customer follow-up with automated follow-up emails and newsletters.
  • Track customer referrals.
Manage Tickets from Submission to Resolution

Manage Tickets from Submission to Resolution

Manage the entire support process from capturing tickets, assignment, escalation, to resolution.


  • Provide support from channels that your customers use such as your website, email, phone, and chat.
  • Guide customer support reps through a defined support process from assignment to resolution.
  • Escalate or re-assign tickets if not resolved within a defined time-frame.
  • Record solutions and lookup common solutions from a library.

Advanced CRM Features

Included with our enterprise subscription

Offer Your Own Customer Portal For Your Customers

Offer a customer portal and let your customers submit tickets from your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Offer a Knowledge Base For Your Customers

Provide a natural language search interface to your customers where they type in questions or use keyword/phrases with logical operators.

Why Soffront CRM

25 years of trust

Over 25 years, we have seen what works and what does not. We know why CRM initiatives fail. We consult you at no cost because we want you to succeed.

Easy customization tools

We provide more customization tools than other vendors for you to customize yourself if you have the time and resources.

Built to be customized

Our product is built to be customized from the start. We pride ourselves to be the most customizable CRM – always have been due to our unique architecture.

Flexible licensing

We provide both dedicated (per user) licensing and concurrent user licensing which most vendors do not. This could SAVE you a lot of money.

In-house implementation

We have our own CRM implementation team. You won’t waste your time and energy resolving conflicts between different vendors.

Flexible deployment

We provide both cloud and on-premise deployment – so you have a choice.

Click here to see more details on our customization tools

Available Online or On-premise. The Best of Both Worlds.

Why Online

Completely web based. There is no software to install. Use your browser to access anytime, anywhere.


No IT required. We keep your data safe and secure and backed up on a daily basis.

No upfront investment. Enjoy a low monthly cost without long term contracts.

Why On-Premise

You have complete control over customization and integration.

Apply your own corporate compliance and IT security policies.

Enjoy a lower operating cost compared to hosted over a period of 4-5 years.

Join Thousands of Businesses Using Soffront CRM

We needed a browser-based solution with a powerful platform that would integrate easily into our existing system and give us a common user-interface. After evaluating the cost and features of competing products, we chose Soffront, because it had all of the features we wanted at a competitive price.

Giacomo Lorenzin,

CEO and president, HiT Software

We selected Soffront because the product is intuitive and flexible. We can do all the custom work that needs to be done. After looking at all of the other products, we determined that Soffront represented the best value and functionality.

Brent Taylor,

Vice President of Operations, StoneEagle Group

Soffront’s highly competitive pricing and advanced customization features made it an easy decision for our company to abandon SalesForce.com. Their easy to use interface simplifies new employee training and allows our staff to better serve our customer base.

Adam Johanningmeier,

IT Administrator, MerchantService.com

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