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Why Soffront On-Premise CRM


Over database, customization, and integration

Data security


Your own corporate compliance, change management, and risk management


Over SaaS, as you grow, and on integration

” Soffront allows us to tailor the software to meet our specific business processes without the fear of experiencing problems when we update. “

Jeffrey Zickler, President, PayPlus Software

Complete Data Security and Control

Get full control over your customer data with Soffront. By hosting CRM within your own infrastructure, you can implement rigorous security measures according to your security policies and ensure that your data remains safe from unauthorized access.

Soffront On-premise CRM gives you peace of mind, knowing that your customer data is protected within your own secure infrastructure.

Scalability and Performance

With on-premise CRM, you have full control over hardware resources and can scale your infrastructure to meet your growing business needs. By adjusting server capacity and resources, you can ensure optimal performance and seamless user experience.

This scalability empowers your business to accommodate increased data volumes and user demands without compromise.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Seamlessly integrate Soffront with your existing IT infrastructure. Since the software is hosted on your premises, it becomes easier to integrate CRM with other applications, databases, and processes that are already in place. This interoperability enhances efficiency, streamlines workflows, and eliminates the need for complex data synchronization or third-party integrations. Soffront On-premise CRM ensures a smooth integration experience, empowering your organization to make the most of your existing technology investments.

Customizability and Flexibility

WYSIWYG Form Designer

Create sophisticated database forms with minimal effort using a completely web based WYSIWYG form designer.

Setup Relationships

Setup many-to-many relationships between your database tables to capture your business situation just as it is.

Create Unlimited Reports and Dashboards

Create as many reports and dashboards you need. Use a do-it-yourself report designer to leverage your data and create summaries, details, trends and distributions, and advanced matrix reports.

WYSIWYG Workflow Designer

Create workflows ranging from simple to complex in minutes using a WYSIWYG visual designer by dragging and dropping states and actions into a user-defined sequence.

Unlimited Custom Tables and Fields

Create as many tables and fields you need. There are no limits. Extend CRM using sophisticated drag and drop tools without the need for a programmer.

Automate Using Business Rules

Automate your recurring and exception-based CRM processes with powerful escalation, assignment, notification and linking rules.

” We have been a customer of Soffront for ten years. During that time, I have been impressed with Soffront’s ability to customize their product to match the real-world workflow of our business. “

Andre Fidellow, VP, HealthTec Software, Inc.

Convert More Leads to Customers

CRM Features

Follow a Sales Process – Fine Tune Your business

Define and follow the sales process that works for you. Break your sales cycle into stages and define tasks to be completed for each stage.

Organize Your Customer Information – Everything in One Screen

Organize your important customer details Including a complete history of interactions, contacts, deals, files, and upcoming tasks.

Prospect Efficiently – Everything in One Screen

One simple “Excel like” screen shows you your prospect list at a glance. Make calls, send emails, add notes, and set appointments without leaving the screen.


Complete Tasks On Time, Every Time

We help you to focus by generating a to-do and appointment list every morning. You can drill down and look up lead and contact information before completing your to-dos.

Track Deals and Make Accurate Forecasts

Know what your pipeline is worth at any point. Run forecast reports for an individual sales rep, the sales manager, or the entire sales force.


Integrate with Popular Email and Calendar Systems

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Google Apps to synchronize calendars and activities. Forward emails from any email client to record email interactions with leads and contacts in CRM.

Provide Better Service at a Lower Cost

Service Automation Features


Provide Support Using Multiple Channels

Provide support from channels that your customers use such as your website, email, phone, and chat.

Automate and Optimize your Support Process

Define and follow a support process that works for you. Dynamically generate next actions that guide customer support reps through your defined process.

Manage Tickets from Submission to Resolution

Manage the entire support process from capturing tickets, assignment, escalation, to resolution.

Offer Self Service to Your Customers

Offer a customer portal and let your customers submit tickets from your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Offer Knowledge Base to your Customers

Provide a knowledge base to your customers where they type in questions and get answers.

Ensure Adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Define SLAs and automatically measure your support team’s response time against your SLA.


Manage Customer and IT Projects

Manage all customer and IT projects from a central location, including tasks, milestones, resources, and change requests.

Manage Defects

Automate your defect resolution process and know where every defect stands in the resolution process.

Measure Service Results

Get timely, fact-based insight into the entire service process with pre-built reports and dashboards.

” After screening approximately ten CRM packages and implementing a detailed evaluation on our top five choices, we selected Soffront. “

Martin Kunz, CTO, Eurofins MWG Operon US

Dedicated Implementation

We do not outsource implementation to partners. You will have access to a team of Soffront experts who are highly experienced in CRM and the Soffront platform.

Our implementation process is a proven implementation methodology that incorporates the best practices in CRM implementation and ensures the success of your implementation within a matter of days.

You work jointly with our team to reduce implementation costs.

24/7 Technical Support

Stay up-to-date with our commitment to quality products. With our Annual Support Plan, you receive “all software updates”. Updates generally include product enhancements, feature requests, and bug fixes. In addition, the Plan offers unlimited 24/7 technical support for the products you choose.

Soffront offers you the advantage of a global support team, leveraging its presence in India. Be assured that our support engineers are working 24X7 to address your support queries.