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3 Ways to Bring the “R” in CRM to Life

By: Jessica Barrett Halcom, TechnologyAdvice.com Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software was created as a way for businesses to better work with their clients through the use of centralized data. A CRM tracks conversations and supplies sales teams with... read more

Innovators of CRM

During the time, when the term CRM was but a nascent glow in the sea of bright shining stars, a versatile thinker and entrepreneur Manu Das incorporated his fertile thoughts into its essence to make it a silent revolution of automation. Manu Das single-handedly... read more

5 Marketing Trends to Take Advantage of this Year

In the ever-changing world of marketing, especially in the modern era of social media, automated ad tech, and audience analytics, brands should aim to stay ahead of these changes to successfully reach their audiences. Especially as consumers become savvier and more... read more

How CRM Improves Lead Generation

In today’s business marketing, one of the critical element that drives the business momentum is Lead nurturing. According to Andre Pino’s, “A process by which leads are tracked and successfully converted into sales-qualified leads is known as Lead... read more

Top 4 Features of an Online CRM

What is CRM software? CRM is defined as the tool to view all your customer information from one central place. It helps you to nurture relationships with customer and prospects to trigger sales and sustain long term profitability. It also streamlines your processes... read more

Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business

Video marketing or social media marketing although is an effective medium to boost the sales, its efficiency does depend upon a number of methods. In this article, I am going to discuss them. 1. Increase Conversions with Product Videos: Majority of the online visitors... read more

How To Turn Leads into Prospects

10 seconds is what it takes for a customer to change their mind, a little longer to shift their loyalty. In such an eccentric scenario it is important for businesses to forge a strong relationship with the customers to ensure steady and continuous profitability.... read more

Email Marketing – Tips And Tricks

What is Email Marketing?   Broadly speaking, any email that initiates a buying decision is email marketing. This includes advertisements, coupons, newsletters, and so on. Emails can be created and delivered much more quickly than traditional print postal mailers.... read more