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Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business

Video marketing or social media marketing although is an effective medium to boost the sales, its efficiency does depend upon a number of methods. In this article, I am going to discuss them. 1. Increase Conversions with Product Videos: Majority of the online visitors... read more

How To Turn Leads into Prospects

10 seconds is what it takes for a customer to change their mind, a little longer to shift their loyalty. In such an eccentric scenario it is important for businesses to forge a strong relationship with the customers to ensure steady and continuous profitability.... read more

Email Marketing – Tips And Tricks

What is Email Marketing?   Broadly speaking, any email that initiates a buying decision is email marketing. This includes advertisements, coupons, newsletters, and so on. Emails can be created and delivered much more quickly than traditional print postal mailers.... read more

A Guide To Effective Marketing

The primary goal of every business is to attract customers, sell more products, and increase profitability. To achieve this, a marketing plan is necessary. While devising a marketing plan can be simple but in order to build an effective marketing plan, some effort is... read more

Advantages Of Using CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management aims at improving the relationship with an existing customer, find the new prospective customer and retain the former customer. This system works in sync with a software that collects, organizes and improves customer... read more

Marketing Automation Trends To Look For In 2018

As the new year is upon us, marketing automation software and AI continue to soar in the CRM Industry. In 2018, keep an eye out for these constraints as they will revolutionize marketing, keeping customer engagement in the forefront. Customer experience: In 2018,... read more

Essential Criterion For Choosing The Best CRM

Essential Criterion for choosing the best CRM A CRM system typically covers all the customer information in one place. Its functionality ranges from setting up appointments to tracking customer data from a single navigation screen. A CRM system tracks data from... read more

Future of CRM Things To Watch Out In The Coming Years

Marketing analysis shows that retaining an existing customer is always favored over acquiring new ones. That’s why when we talk about future CRM we see that smart businesses are wise enough to care for their existing customers. This is reflected in the mass adoption... read more