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Has the thought of collaborating with a CRM reseller ever crossed your mind? In nearly all industries a business can productively resell marketing automation tools. The same holds good for white-label CRM solutions as well. The main function of a white-label CRM reseller is to provide many elementary and advanced tools to their customers with the intent of adequately managing contacts and nurturing leads.

Through these 5 helpful ways, you can single out the white-label CRM reseller of your choice.

  1. The tools a white-label CRM reseller offers

See to it that the CRM reseller you choose provides many highly sought-after marketing automation tools available in the market.

Check whether your customers will have the following tools at their ready disposal within the same integrated system.

  • Access to email marketing

  • Autoresponder

  • Blacklist monitoring

  • Contact management

  • Event management

  • Fax Marketing

  • Landing page generator

  • Live chat service

  • Online surveys

  • Signup forms

  • SMS marketing

  • Social media management

  • Voice broadcasting

  • Web tracking

The white-label CRM reseller must be able to resell each of these tools in either an all-inclusive solution or through a separate offering of only particular ones. This will enable customers to only choose the ones they’ll use from the selection.

  1. The customer support a white-label CRM reseller provides

Your white-label CRM partner should be flexible to allow you to incorporate your suggestions into the system for rebranding it as your own. You should be able to fix prices as per your requirement. Through the resold system you should be able to sustain all customers you join forces with. Your white-label CRM reseller should be able to come up with comprehensive customer support via the following.

  • Phone

  • Live chat

  • Email

  • Social media such as Twitter

Many CRM resellers provide a wide-ranging library of online resources for example articles, blog posts, whitepapers, videos, FAQs, etc. ensure the reseller you settle on provides you with the same.

  1. Integration capabilities a white-label CRM reseller comes up with

The white-label CRM reseller should present a system that can be easily integrated with several other systems such as Salesforce, Office 365, Google G-Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, NetSuite, Second CRM, etc. Make sure the reseller releases relevant plug-ins to customize the integration capabilities of the CRM system.

You are buying the CRM to make your business operations smoother. That’s why it’s imperative for you to check if the white-label CRM system can seamlessly integrate with all your other already existing applications.

  1. The demonstrations and test drives the white-label CRM reseller provides

It’s a foolish idea to place trust in the efficacy of a CRM system without testing it out. The most effective approach is, to begin with, a personalized online demonstration of the product before moving on to checking its competence via a free trial.

In the course of the online demo session, you’ll be walked through the software’s capabilities and how to make the most of using them. Such live demos are provided by pre-sales persons. Once you’re thru, specific questions relevant to your business can be asked.

Then you proceed with the free trial. This activity will give you an absolute feel of how the white-label CRM reseller software works. You can carefully gauge its strengths and shortfalls. Scrutinize things such as user-friendliness, key functionalities, and scalability.

It’s always more prudent to have discussions with at best two CRM resellers so that you can draw a comparison between their products and offerings.

  1. The user experience you expect to derive from the white-label CRM reseller

This happens to be one of the most critical criteria. How do you feel or what kind of experience did you gain while using the system?

You have to ask yourself a few pertinent questions.

  • In what way or to what extent does it help you?

  • Is the CRM system adequately intuitive?

  • Is there anything about the system that draws your ire?

  • Does the system show signs of slowing down?

For instance, you can talk over with the white-label CRM reseller to find out the precise number of clicks required to execute a specific task. Take a look at the UI. To what extent is it effective and comfort-giving? Does the system have clearly labeled buttons? do the various workflows look logical?

Get thorough answers to all these questions. You’ll be able to gauge the user experience your customers may come across.

Thus, when you’re going through the live demo or checking the system with a fine-tooth comb during the free trial, see to it you do an assessment of its UI and ease of use.

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