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Our Story

Soffront was founded in October 1992. We launched first commercial software for Contact Management, Customer Ticketing, Asset and Defect Tracking Software, all in a single system, in February 1993 at a conference in San Jose, California. At the conference, we showcased our CRM software to track ALL customer communications, products sold and serviced, customer complaints and remedies, product defects and enhancements, and customer feedback.

This was a brand-new concept of a software managing customer communications and tracking customer calls and reporting various matrix of open/close tickets and trends.

At that time, most businesses used paper and pencil to record customer communications. Not to mention, there were no internet or the Web!

Our focus at that time was to educate businesses the importance of a CRM software to manage customer complaints, communication, customer assets, and maintain product catalog and product quality.

During the next few years, Soffront grew rapidly. Many large corporations such as HP, Charles Schwab, signed up as our customers. During this time, we introduced two significant modules…Business Rules Engine to define IF-THEN-ELSE rules for an organization and a Knowledge Base module to store solutions for all the past customer issues and find them easily.

In the late 1990s, Soffront evolved, introducing our first Web version using Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle SQL server as backend. In addition, we introduced another groundbreaking concept… the email blast and email marketing.

Our Growth continued. In 1999, we established our Indian Software Development Center in Kolkata, India and in the early 2000s we introduced a Hosted version as Software as a Service or SaaS. We used data centers to host our servers until Amazon introduced AWS.

Today, Soffront is the only company to provide complete CRM and Marketing Software and Services. Marketing Services include both self-service and fully managed service, providing complete implementation services for our enterprise CRM customers. We maintain a team of highly qualified implementation engineers providing complete integration services to legacy systems. We also deploy enterprise CRM on the private cloud of enterprise customers.

Our CRM and marketing platform is used by thousands of small to mid-sized businesses as well as
departments of many Fortune 500 companies and government organizations such as Siemens,
SAIC, Masshousing, Tangoe, General Electric, The American Red Cross, and the Minnesota Secretary of

At Soffront, we are always evolving. “We have an exciting roadmap ahead that includes deeper
automation between marketing, sales, and support, better engagement for customers, predictive
analysis and scoring for marketing, support of multiple channels for marketing and service, and a better mobile experience” says Manu Das, President and CEO, Soffront.

Our Story

Soffront Software was founded in 1992 by Manu Das and is a pioneer in the CRM software industry. We introduced our customer service software in 1993 – one of the first of its kind. Over the years, Soffront has developed a complete CRM solution for sales, marketing, customer service, IT and engineering.

We introduced many technologies that were unique at that time, including drag-and-drop screen and workflow designers, many-to-many relations, unique reporting, and flexible dashboards.

During the early 2000s, when the cloud was becoming popular, we introduced one of the first cloud CRM solutions, which has been successfully adopted by hundreds of mid-size and enterprise users.

We have Helped Thousands of Businesses Since 1992

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Soffront CRM and marketing automation software has been honored with a number of industry awards since 1992

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