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One of the major reasons why businesses across the world are using customer relationship software is that in this digital age, only customer relationships are relevant to the success of any business. The businesses have never been so customer-oriented as now. Customer relationship lies at the core of every business small or big. Selling is important and every penny invested into a CRM yields up to $9. Thus, with hundreds of vendors in the market, it is natural to move the easiest and buy CRM software. However, there is a certain situation when it’s better to go for a custom CRM integration in 2020.

If used properly, a custom CRM can boost your productivity by 30%. But this productivity can be an offset by a set of issues that comes with general CRM software. Let’s have a look at those issues:

  • Cost that may go out of control
  • Too much consumed on onboarding
  • Expensive integration with another tool
  • Bad scaling
  • Inadequate automation
  • Lack of customised features

As most enterprises at some point have to switch to a more expensive plan, it’s always better to purchase a custom system if you’re planning for business value in the long term. To know more about custom CRM, click here.

When a business luckily flows into increased customer rate, they no longer can efficiently manage the entire pipeline. This is the time when CRM integrated solution becomes important in businesses.

Here the company has two options to choose from, either purchasing a CRM software or developing a custom CRM solution. Both of which have their positive and negative sides.

Let us keep the negativities aside of buying a custom CRM solution and focus on those features you’ll get after getting your own CRM integrated system.

Advantages of having a custom CRM integration

  1. It is intuitive and easy to use

Having a custom CRM software for your business makes it less intimidating for you to manage multiple processes. The design of a custom CRM is made keeping in mind the troubles employees have to go through while handling it. One of the most essential features of a Custom CRM is its intuitiveness and ease of use. You may develop multiple visual presentations to prove your CRM product as a killer and provide lots of statistics to fame it, but it wouldn’t matter if it’s not easy to handle, or if people find it awfully challenging to accurately use it.

  1. Offers tailored features to meet your exact business needs

A ready-made CRM system is created to appeal to most businesses. They offer sorts of functionalities and features that may not be very useful to your workflow. These additional features hardly match the needs of complex issues, and this complexity is costly both in terms of expenses and time. Which means, your team will be taking more time in learning the complex system instead of generating leads and customers. And the worst that might happen is that you might get delayed in adjusting with your existing workflow.

But this is not the case with Custom CRM integration, because with custom CRM you get the exact thing you want without any unnecessary hassles and bustles. Because CRM integration is designed to manage the workflow that your team is well acquainted with. Thus, training your team becomes easy.

  1. Gives you customization across divisions, processes and teams

Starting from lead capturing to sales, and customer support service your business operation will run more effectively when your CRM is integrated with multiple tools. So, by implementing an intuitive platform like Soffront to build your custom CRM system, you’ll surely have the opportunity to integrate your CRM into a whole new business without disturbing the current workflow.

Isn’t that a smart solution?

Soffront lets you connect to business tools such as Microsoft Office, G-Suite, and more through a web-based platform. This means other departments in your business can use the same software and process they use, while enjoying the benefits of a custom CRM as well.

  1. Get rid of super expensive pricing

Most of the CRM solution nowadays is priced per user, which is an organisational made concept used by almost all companies. But this model doesn’t match reality when most of the companies have varied usage and needs. With a custom CRM integration, you need have to worry about that, Soffront’s pricing model for a custom CRM offers you the complete control over your team with no upfront cost.

  1. Steadiness through marketing automation

The capability to automate a particular task easily and swiftly is one of the biggest benefits of using enterprise CRM, over a packaged one. This is mostly useful for business dealing in the production, or those that manage thousands of orders.

The ability to leverage this opportunity for automation and then put them in place reducing redundancy and error can be orchestrated in winning more deals and a pathway to serving customers better and faster. For instance, features such as automatic updates, follow up a sales lead or notifying them about expiry date can be a really helpful feature that one could look for. If you’re looking for a custom CRM feature like the same, get started with Soffront now!

  1. Improved insights and faster revenue

When it comes to the speedy determination of data as per your needs, ready-made CRM may fall short. While a Custom CRM integration is just the opposite. Within a few fractions of seconds, you can filter and synthesize data just the way you want and create ready-made reports for your business, your team and your sales reps. Such that you get ready access to real-time insights that help you drive your business fast, reduces your business risks and allow you to take advantage of competitive opportunities whilst enhancing agility.

Key Takeaway

When you already know how a custom CRM can help your people, processes and potential buyers and clients. Why would you buy a ready-made CRM system that forces you do act according to its needs and make you pay for tools that you don’t really need? Instead give your sales team on board a flexible, customised solution that simplifies your task just the way they want to. If you still have doubt, don’t hesitate to consult with us at www.soffrontcrm.com.

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