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”We selected Soffront because the product is easy to customize and easy to use. After looking at all of the other products, we determined that Soffront represented the best ROI. We can extend, maintain and integrate Soffront on our own”

American Security Programs

“After looking at all of the other products, we determined that Soffront represented the most customizable system. It’s like building our own system from scratch-we can extend and integrate without limit.”

StoneEagle Group

Alternative To Building From Scratch

If complete data security, data access, analytics, integration with other systems and maintenance are absolutely necessary for your organization, then available cloud CRM solutions will not fit the bill. So, what are your choices? Building a system from scratch which is huge undertaking for any enterprise. We understand and that is exactly why we created an architecture and set of advanced tools as an alternative to building from scratch. Our system is guaranteed to save you time and money while giving you what you want.

Private Cloud/On-Premise

Data privacy is one of the major concerns for every enterprise. The regular flow of huge amount of data makes it a priority to check for security issues and its absolute secrecy. Soffront’s Custom CRM gives you the freedom to access your data from your own private cloud or from your private network without worrying about data theft or loss. Your data is vulnerable since it is not a shared system and it’s not in the public cloud.

Complete Control of Integration & Maintenance

CRM is a living system that must change with your organization. As your organization changes, CRM data collection, tracking, communication and processes need to change. In addition, as your organization deploys other solutions the CRM need to integrate with them as well as legacy systems. Historical data must be mined and analyzed for organizational benefits. If your organization needs to have full control of the data integration and ongoing maintenance performed by your own staff, then Soffront is the choice for you. We have built our system with your organization in mind.

Look What Our Customers Say

"With Soffront’s easy to customize integrated CRM suite, we felt it’s a great alternative to building our own. Now, when our site managers are out doing building inspections, they have access via their iPads to the Soffront CRM and I get reports in real time. I can keep an up to the minute pulse on the business and don’t have to wait for paper reports to be turned in at a later time or have them to come into the office to turn in their work."

Harry Tossounian

President, Gibbons Maintenance, Inc.

"Soffront CRM allows us to customize, maintain and integrate on our own. We can now better manage our sales cycle, produce superior sales reports, and more thoroughly track and report on congressionally mandated outreach requirements."

Wayne Gardella

VP, Export-Import Bank of the United States

"We needed a browser-based solution with a powerful platform that would integrate easily into our existing system and give us a common user-interface. After evaluating the cost and features of competing products, we chose Soffront, because it had the necessary architecture to extend and integrate our system in future."

Giacomo Lorenzin

CEO and president, HiT Software

About Our Company

Soffront was founded in the year 1992, can be helmed as one of the pioneering companies to set foot in the world of customer relationship and management. Being a 27-year-old company, we have experience in managing customer communications, tracking and insights to analytics for better business operations. Our CRM and marketing platform are used by departments of many Fortune 500 companies and government organizations such as Siemens, SAIC, Masshousing, Tangoe, General Electric, The American Red Cross, and the Minnesota Secretary of State.

About Our Team

The team at Soffront comprises of learned and experienced group of engineers who are well aware with the world of CRM and how it has evolved over the years. We strive to bring the best to the clients and ensure smooth functioning at the same time.

At Soffront, we are always evolving.

“We have an exciting roadmap ahead that includes deeper automation between marketing, sales, and support, better engagement for customers, predictive analysis and scoring for marketing, support of multiple channels for marketing and service, and a better mobile experience” says President and CEO, Soffront.

Success Stories

American Security Programs

"After looking at all of the other products, we determined that Soffront represented the best ROI."

Case Study
Business Challenges
  • Consolidate information into a comprehensive system.
  • Eliminate redundant and inaccurate system entries.
  • Manage more prospects, increase conversion ratio, and reduce sales cycle.
  • Increase size of the business opportunities.
  • Increased sales productivity.
  • Weeks of man hours saved through automated task flow processes.
  • Increased frequency of contact with customers.
  • Availability of a 360-degree view of contract operations.
  • Speeds and simplifies updating and deployment efforts.

Diefendorf Capital Planning

"In the last three years, we have increased our revenue by 300%. Soffront is one of the key reasons for this growth."

Case Study
Business Challenges
  • Optimize workflow and automate processes.
  • Increase productivity without increasing staff.
  • Provide a company wide flexible solution from anywhere.
  • Optimized workflows and automated processes.
  • Applied processes that “pushed” instead of “pulled” information.
  • Improved efficiency, productivity using vendor portals, office anywhere, 360 degree dashboard.
  • Increased revenues by 300% in 3 years.
  • Grew business without increasing staff.

StoneEagle Group

"With automated functions, all of the necessary personnel know what’s happening in real-time and we can be responsive to customers."

Case Study
Business Challenges
  • Silos of business information across the company.
  • Eliminate redundant and inaccurate system entries.
  • Provide complete data integration with AS/400 system.
  • Non-existent project and workload management.
  • Prevent customer installation delays.
  • Manage work load more effectively, issues and installations all in one place.
  • Support and performance metrics developed to evaluate team performance and customer support levels.
  • Complete visibility into developer efforts.
  • Speeds and simplifies installation efforts.

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