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Yes, you heard it right! If you want to leverage the relationship with your valued customers, you need the right custom CRM software, right staffs to manage it well. Understandably, choosing between so many options is the next difficult thing you have to go through! To help you with that, we give you the top must-have features of Custom CRM solution in the USA you need to take into account.

Easy to use, smooth to integrate

Are you burdened with the integration of your CRM with your business process? If so, it’s not the CRM you should be looking for. Custom CRM solution must be compatible with your in-house technology, that you’re presently using. Lesser the effort needed for integration, the better choice you’ve made.

Ease of use is another important factor that your custom CRM solution must-have. If your CRM does not have a user-friendly interface, it might demotivate your employees while using the software, and this would make your CRM turn worthless, regardless of the features it has. In a whole, the first steps while picking up the right Custom CRM solution in the USA are:

  • Check if the integration is easy with your business functions
  • Whether the CRM solution simple to use or not.

Seamlessly integrated Email

Custom CRM must offer a simplified way to track and store email communication with your leads and customers. It must enable you to work within an all in one platform, that highly enhances productivity and allows you to focus on selling. Keeping your needs in mind, custom CRM is exclusively designed to improve your email communication experience with your existing and future customers while keeping all correspondence securely preserved in one location. Also, it is a beneficial tool for those who need to optimize their sales efforts and keep the records organised.

The most important feature that you’ll love about custom CRM is it’s seamless integrates with multiple email services, such as MS Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and many more. It helps to:

  • Segment and manage the entire customer contact lists.
  • Establishes a centralised hub which is meant for in house cross collaboration.


How Custom CRM Integration With Business Can Maximize Business Productivity

Handling notorious routine of Document management

Communicating with customers is the core of the sales process, where managers also spend a significant amount of time to prepare various documents to be directed to customers.

You simply can’t argue with the statement that document management is a complex endeavour that cannot be solved with a rightly built Custom CRM. Let’s see why:

  • It is a laborious and time taking task that includes creating a proposal and ending with a contract. Together, they create a lot of hassles in the workflow.
  • Efficient management of documents becomes impossible without a knowledgeable answer to the question about what has sent to the customers.

Such hectic work isn’t it? That’s where custom CRM solution comes to help, which is perhaps one of the most powerful features that can your large sales and marketing team. By storing crucial information at a unified platform, it ensures that all the members in your team are well updated with the latest developments.

Increased visibility of your business using Sales forecasting

If you are an early user of CRM software, then you probably found it to be pricy, a complicated tool that often fell short of delivering your needs! When you see CRM today, it is much easy to use, more cost-efficient and a must-have for smartly organising your daily aspects of the business.

Now that you’re probably planning to get a custom CRM solution in the USA, how do you make the most out of it?

Let me tell you, some cool features and platforms can bring you a completely new world of CRM benefits under one platform such as:

  • Improved business revenue with a 360-degree view of customers.
  • Better decision making by evaluating critical information in real-time with CRM integration.
  • Better ROI and lead generation with efficient lead management tools, lead scoring and advanced custom CRM features.

Custom CRM software is designed, keeping an individual user in mind, so that he/ she can make a real-time decision. It allows business owners to get a comprehensive and detailed insight of your pipeline and make data-driven decisions.

Make informed decisions with Reporting and analytics

With a custom CRM at your hand, you can manage what you can measure. It enables you to manage your business to run with an intelligent reporting system that easily breaks down the core metrics related to your sales progress, marketing, team performance and more. You must have an option to choose from multiple standard reports also you must be able to create a customised report in just a few swings.

Let’s quickly scan through the way this feature can help your business:

  • Tracking critical sales metrics
  • Personalise reports and bring in data from multiple locations
  • Visibility over sales data by transforming reports into insightful charts

It’s your turn to choose the best

Interoperability of a customer’s relationship system and document management system can definitely deliver you with more than what you expect. If your business is planning to adopt new software solution, then you certainly require the best professional of a custom CRM software partner to sort your immediate needs.

As an award-winning software partner, Soffront can offer you both built-in and custom solutions intended to boost your company growth and to enjoy integrated tools. To benefit from our custom CRM software in the USA, reach out to us at www.soffrontcrm.com.

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