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Of course, the Coronavirus disease is a serious one but smart companies are taking all necessary efforts to ensure the wellbeing of the employees. They are well aware that work still needs to be done, sales goals need to be achieved, and most importantly customers’ issues need to be looked upon.

At this hour, what will likely come as no wonder is that people are spending a lot more time using mobile apps during this COVID-19 lockdown. Leveraging on this activity, smart business owners are utilizing the capabilities of automation with a new mobile CRM, to ensure that the sales are pursued, and customers’ concerns are served. 

So, here in this blog, we will find out how smart business people are doing these things.

They are connecting their CRM on mobile devices to reduce the risk of missed opportunities. That means they are combining the workflows with automation by setting up reminders and schedules to follow up. A sales rep often wastes uncountable hours on logging their tasks manually. Using a seamless mobile CRM integration, you can take calls, send customized emails, set tasks, follow up, and do more while those activities are automatically updated.

Social media access via bulk emails & campaigns

These smart companies are using social media features to send bulk emails, campaigns, and templates to maintain communication with their audience and communities. Social sales tools are becoming more vital to CRM. As such, buyers are increasingly looking for mobile CRM apps with a social feature that allows reps to communicate easily with prospects to have a clean actionable insight.

By using the system’s templates, you can maintain all communications consistently and deliver it with one corporate email. Using both social media campaigns and bulk emails to the full extent within a CRM system means the organization can send custom-made emails, personalized messages to particular groups, no matter where they’re located.

Completely featured for lead generation

Mobile CRM does not just make it easy to access existing prospect and contacts, but also help you to add new leads easily. The best mobile CRM app gives you the option to quickly decide on whether incoming contact is worth being added to your database or not. For instance, Soffront custom mobile app allows you to add, edit, and create new leads in just a few clicks, also making it easier for your marketing team to get rid of unnecessary leads. Moreover, with a live support system on your mobile device, you can reach far beyond, by serving your leads and customers with all the help they need.

Smart companies leverage this for their sales reps to close deals using live chatbox. For instance, a sales rep can use this feature to see if they have found the lead they have asked for. By doing so, it helps any company to have enhanced collaboration across team members.

Weaponizing it as a strong communication component

Most companies are now adopting work from home facilities to keep their staff secured. But the truth is, not everyone will be as busy as they are in the workplace. Without the meeting and face to face discussions that usually take place in an office, some people will certainly have a little downtime. This means it’s a perfect opportunity for them to clear some data. Using mobile CRM allows you to assign contact, update, and edit the data by the time the pandemic is over.

If you’re looking for the best mobile CRM app to run your business smartly, then Soffront custom mobile CRM could be the best suite for you.

Soffront’s custom CRM enables you to run your sales process on the move by eliminating last-minute admin tasks. Instead of that, it allows you to see productivity rate by managing deals and powering through activities such as return calls and emails on the go. With mobile custom CRM in your pocket, you can always stay connected to your clients. You do not need to constantly check for updates. As all mobile activities automatically get synchronized with your Soffront CRM account, your team and customers always get to know what’s happening. A short overview of Soffront mobile CRM:

  • It’s a custom mobile CRM that comes with dynamic menus integrated into mobile devices where an administrator can log, view, and easily close their deals.
  • It provides a unique range of features to get your job done in the right way while allowing you to get desired domain names.
  • An opportunity to build your own app by designing templates according to your business needs without any knowledge of coding.

Integrating calendar, email, and sales reports to boost productivity

Many companies have separate systems for managing their CRM, email, and calendar. They also utilize Microsoft Office and Google G-Suite. But by using mobile CRM you can automatically get your contacts synced to Google G-suite without managing it separately. Now that most of the employees are asked to work from their home, in the rage of the pandemic disease, the risk of missing out an important update is increased.

To mitigate this risk, the right thing to do is to get a fully integrated mobile CRM system with all these office chores in one place. This way everyone will on the same page with no one in the dark while talking to a lead, customer, or anyone else in the team.

While there are still many weeks of disruption ahead of us, your business success doesn’t need to wait. We believe that a fast-growing business will always learn from their experiences and the value of leveraging software such as custom mobile CRM.

Reach us to learn more about the Soffront mobile CRM platform. We’re here to help your business grow and thrive in the coming years.

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