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Looking for a CRM platform that you can call your own? But you don’t have the time, money or resources to set up one for yourself? Don’t worry! Soffront’s white label CRM software is the best-suited solution for you.

Use Soffront’s white label CRM, offering their award-winning software, so that you can rebrand it under your own brand logo and resale it at your own price limits.

With a white label CRM solution in your business, there’s no need to build a customised CRM from scratch. It’s because, with the built-in platform, you already get all the basic CRM tools that are built-out-of-the-box.

So, either way, if you’re searching for a customizable and simple platform for CRM, you can’t do better than white label CRM software.

Not convinced much?

Let’s get you through the detailed benefit of getting a white label CRM and its features.

Quick look at Soffront’s white label CRM features

soffront - white label crm software

  • You can easily track communication with your potential leads, contacts and companies
  • Ability to create private and shared calendars using the appointment scheduler
  • Access to readymade customised quotes and invoices from Soffront’s CRM
  • You can create and store reports, import/export contacts either on your server or on cloud
  • Access to unlimited features to attract leads from landing page to advanced marketing automation
  • Dynamic Dashboards representing instant snapshots of important sales reports
  • Ability to enforce collaboration on multiple tasks and projects with team members

The system not only helps you to track your leads you are presently working with but also enables you to know the follow up list. This feature can help you to generate almost 30% more productivity, that others. This is because, by using this, you can tell what your customers have bought previously and the type of updates they might need in their future.

All these systems come with different benefits than you could possibly imagine. Certainly, you’ll not run out of options while providing those to your customers. Still for a small business, looking to make more sales, the choice for the suitable software must be intuitive, easy to use and the simplest one which you can actually use.

What’s that make white label CRM intuitive and simple to use?

soffront - white label crm software

Given the reach of outnumbered tools and features, many companies find themselves dealing with an unending list of customer base of hundreds, thousands or even more than that. But take a step backwards, and think how your business would deal if all your success came from one single solitary customer. Would you refrain from delivering an absolutely good service?

The answer is that each of your customers contribute to your business success. All of your customers expect you to treat them with a complete and perfect solution, just like your entire success is dependent on them. So, when you have to manage customers more than your base numbers, you may find it challenging to make up with your personal service.

Fortunately, a white label CRM software has come to your rescue, allowing your business to reach end numbers of buyers also makes it possible for you to keep them satisfied with exceptional CRM service. Features that make white label CRM easy to use and intuitive at the same time:

Develop better relationship with your customers

soffront - white label crm software

Using our white label CRM, you can easily find every customer, make an instant contact and communication with them, irrespective of any location. Track your leads and automate your sales operation at your fingertips. All you have to do, is keep on the ball and set the tasks as well as the appointments, so that you never miss another deal.

We care for you just like you care for your customer. All we want is your business to succeed, so we have included a 24*4 customer support system to help you grow at a fast pace.

Collaborative foundation

soffront - white label crm software

Leveraging Soffront’s white label CRM software, you can create an effortless and simple platform, with a centralised system where everything is in one single place. Our cloud-based CRM enables you with complete visibility on your customer data that in turn helps to empower your team and your relationship with them.

Isn’t it a nice feeling, to be able to access customer data and other important information while you are home? Definitely, it is something you’d always want. Almost 81% of the business owners are now accessing white label CRM to have access to full functionality at all the time.

Soffront’s white label product is designed to work within small B2B working teams, which is not just easy to install but also simple to use. Once, you get it you’ll be able to train your team in just a few minutes.

Effortless tracking of leads and sales

soffront - white label crm software

Just at the moment, you think you have exhausted your leads contacts. You’ll discover what’s behind your white label CRM outreach. Also, you’ll soon find out, how tech-savvy business are using automation to reach out to leads effectively, saving their time and money.

It means, using a white label CRM, you can view and track your sales starting from inquiry to closing and automate your processes to prioritize your most preferred leads. Also, you can instantly get graphic-rich insights from your customer data with detailed analysis and dynamic reports.

By getting your white label platform, you can easily add your own fields faster than ever, without any coding knowledge. You can quickly find all your data and create individual dashboards that help you to highlight what’s that is essential to you.

In a nutshell

Fortunately, dozens of other features come with a White label Partnership, which is best fitted for SMB’s limited budget. The must-have is definitely a white label CRM, which is the epicentral hub, where you can store your precious assets, your customer’s data. Taking a move further, you can integrate your own CRM platform with other business services to enable more for your customers; you can also cover all the communication points with them.

Would you like to miss such a chance? Surely not! Then hurry and hop on to Soffront White label partnership, and grab it all. To learn more about our white label partnership, you can reach out to us at www.soffrontcrm.com.

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