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About Soffront’s White label CRM

“Soffront’s CRM to Make your Customers choose you over & over”

Our CRM, lets you rebrand and resell Soffront as your own SaaS business to your clients without the time and hassle of developing it for yourself. Stand out from the race of odds, and make your business shine like never before. This means you can set your own pricing that will help you scale your business. Our product is perfect for vertical solution providers. We provide you with a way to resell CRM plans through personalised training and consulting. You set the charges according to your business needs and we split the revenue amongst us.

Why us?

  • Opportunity to provide a complete CRM and marketing automation platform for your clients either as an additional benefit or as your core service
  • Grow your very own SaaS platform and sell it under your own logo without any troubles of developing and managing it yourself.
  • With our hands-on support of the white-label product, you can effectively manage all the to-do lists, activity alerts and collaborative calendar.

Unlimited CRM features under one platform

  • Track communication with your potential leads, contacts and companies
  • Create private and shared calendars with appointment scheduler
  • Readymade personalised quotes and invoices from Soffront’s CRM
  • Create and store reports, import/export contacts either on your server or on cloud

Customize it just the way you want

  • Unlimited features to attract leads from personalised landing page to advanced marketing automation
  • Plan every aspect of your project using Gantt Charts
  • Manage agile projects using flexible and customizable Kanban Boards
  • Escalate or re-assign tickets if not resolved within a defined time-frame.

Unveil endless contact opportunities

  • Create re-usable email templates for different levels of workflow
  • Access to contact, feedback and call return request forms
  • Communicate with your clients through the instant mobile communication
  • Get multichannel customer support and 24*7 helpdesk

Built in tools to get powerful reports

  • Dynamic Dashboards representing instant snapshots of important sales reports
  • Get a 360 Degree visibility on deals and sales pipeline
  • Design and manage sales report templates just the way you want
  • Track the progress with your leads in real-time

CRM that fulfils need beyond your wants

  • Ability to enforce collaboration on multiple tasks and projects with team members
  • Automatic creation of recurring tasks and manual tracking of reports.
  • Store, share and manage all your documents online
  • Convert your emails into events, discussions in just a click

About Our Company

Soffront was founded in the year 1992, can be helmed as one of the pioneering companies to set foot in the world of customer relationship and management. Being a 27-year-old company, we have experience in managing customer communications, tracking and insights to analytics for better business operations. Our CRM and marketing platform are used by departments of many Fortune 500 companies and government organizations such as Siemens, SAIC, Masshousing, Tangoe, General Electric, The American Red Cross, and the Minnesota Secretary of State.

About Our Team

The team at Soffront comprises of learned and experienced group of engineers who are well aware with the world of CRM and how it has evolved over the years. We strive to bring the best to the clients and ensure smooth functioning at the same time.

At Soffront, we are always evolving.

“We have an exciting roadmap ahead that includes deeper automation between marketing, sales, and support, better engagement for customers, predictive analysis and scoring for marketing, support of multiple channels for marketing and service, and a better mobile experience” says President and CEO, Soffront.

Look What Our Customers Say

"With Soffront’s easy to customize integrated CRM suite, we felt it’s a great alternative to building our own. Now, when our site managers are out doing building inspections, they have access via their iPads to the Soffront CRM and I get reports in real time. I can keep an up to the minute pulse on the business and don’t have to wait for paper reports to be turned in at a later time or have them to come into the office to turn in their work."

Harry Tossounian

President, Gibbons Maintenance, Inc.

"Soffront CRM allows us to customize, maintain and integrate on our own. We can now better manage our sales cycle, produce superior sales reports, and more thoroughly track and report on congressionally mandated outreach requirements."

Wayne Gardella

VP, Export-Import Bank of the United States

"We needed a browser-based solution with a powerful platform that would integrate easily into our existing system and give us a common user-interface. After evaluating the cost and features of competing products, we chose Soffront, because it had the necessary architecture to extend and integrate our system in future."

Giacomo Lorenzin

CEO and president, HiT Software

Create your own platform

Under our white label program, we don’t just provide you with a white-label profile. We give you a complete marketing automation feature under your own brand including unlimited CRM features, complete set of tools and dynamic dashboards to manage your clients. This means you can create your own SaaS product under your brand logo.

Create your own pricing

We provide you with a fully customizable cloud CRM platform under your own pricing. As a white label partner of Soffront, we offer our award-winning CRM and marketing automation to your clients in the vertical industry under your own logo. But you can create and control your pricing with your clients and we split the revenue as a part of the program. There is just an upfront cost for your specific industry.

Personalised Training and Consultation

As a White Label reseller, you get to have personalised training and consulting through on-call support to ensure that you can put your marketing automation to use. We’ve your back in providing you with marketing tools and training assets.

Here are our clients we have worked with.


Soffront’s white labelling program means that you can take our product and essentially make them your own with all your branding applied to it so that it seamlessly gets linked to all your existing service.

White labelling helps to boost the visibility of your brands without having to spend much effort on designing them yourself. Additionally, it helps to strengthen the loyalty of your customers and lets you take advantage of expert work. Most importantly, it gives the freedom of choice by opening up a plethora of product options for your brand.

Are you looking to use marketing automation tools to manage your daily communications, such as marketing campaigns, sales and lead generation? Most importantly, are you from a web industry, service industry, freelance or someone willing to be in a position to offer a complete solution to your clients? If so, you’ll know that this program is for you.

We strongly recommend you to go through our tutorials and provide support to your customers. We will remain completely invisible to your customers, but your customer may know about Soffront’s branding.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team in case you face any issue after applying for the program. If you have an emergency question and unable to find the answer to the question, please email us or call us any time. We are here to assist you 24*7.

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