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Social media managers are multi-taskers and wear a lot of hats at one time- customer service representative, marketer, videographer, campaign manager and lots more are lined up…

No wonder, you will see social media managers always stressed out and thinking of how to work out campaigns and creating more engagement.

What if we told you that managers can make their social media campaign work in a lot easier and organized way with a virtual do-it-all?

Well, there is a solution. The missing piece for the puzzle named social media marketing is none other than the social media software. This do-it-all software helps the social media managers in every possible way, to keep them sorted and make their efforts effective on the social media platforms.

However, you better not hurry to choose the one right away. Are you going to use the software with any other accessory? How many accessories do you need to get your work done? You need to be thorough about the purpose you will use it for, it will guide you to choose the right software.

No matter what your needs are, a company must consider some key features to ensure proper understanding of the social marketing software.

Let’s take a look at the key features of social marketing software,

What is social marketing software?

To put it in simple words, social media software is defined as tools or platform that enables a professional to access various social media platforms easily. These tools streamline the process and allow the team to better collaborate. This has proven to be particularly helpful in complex organizations.

Why today’s business requires social marketing software?

An average business person might not be well in terms of the social marketing tool but, this software is gaining prominence in the marketing world, consistently. This tool has revolutionized the way businesses are working on the all the social platforms to gain prominence. However, without knowing its key features, a business cannot expect to completely leverage its benefits.

Let’s just say that, the social marketing tool is addressing a lot of challenges which were giving the social media managers a run for money.

Key benefits of social media marketing software are,

  • Time-saving and streamline the process
  • Assist in pre-plan and scheduling the contents
  • Better collaboration across departments and teams for better work alignment
  • Maintain all social media channels from one single screen
  • Monitor your social media channels to generate leads and opportunities for engagement
  • Ensures that engagements from various platforms receive replies on time and from the right person within the organization. This eliminates the chance of duplicate responses.
  • Manage organic and paid social campaigns from a single dashboard
  • Managing the access to various social media channels to ensure that only approved messages get shared
  • Spot leads and identify signals, to generate sales
  • Manage social media campaigns- across a variety of channels from one place
  • Access insights on the marketing campaigns to focus on the ROI of your business efforts.

Most of these features can benefit any businesses of today and social marketing software could take your business to the next level, which every entrepreneur is looking for.

Some must have features of social marketing software

Let’s take a look at the integrated social marketing software features that can help social media managers at different levels,

Integration Of Platform

Keeping up with all the new social media channels can be a bit of a challenge for the business. That is why it is important to integrate the social media software with the core business structure. This allows the businesses to manage all their important accounts from one place.

We at Soffront allows you to manage your presence in all prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ from one dashboard. Also, if you are looking to add some other platforms, the integration system allows you to do that as well.

Listening and Monitoring Social Media

Irrespective of the social media strategy you are following, it is critical that every business is aware of what is being said about the brand you represent and the industry you belong to.

Businesses fail to understand sometimes that social media listening and monitoring are the key components to achieve success in the strategy you have charted out for social media. Social media monitoring and listening though often used as interchangeable terms. However, they differ. Businesses need to understand that monitoring is levied on the tracking of the conversation, which is already happening around your brand. Listening, on the other hand, is all about finding opportunities so that a business can join productive conversations with prospects about your services, products or brand.

The best thing is,

Our social marketing software will allow you to do both.

Businesses can save more time and increase their productivity by keeping tabs on several different channels all at once. There will not be any need to switch between major platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram as you can monitoring multiple channels will be made possible from a single central dashboard.

Learn and assess about the social sentiment which is created around your brand. Monitoring offers several benefits to a business.


As a brand planning is an important part of the strategy. Planning your posts- created and curated can be maintained in the social media content calendar through social marketing platform.

Every company maintains a calendar to curate and sort the social messaging for itself and also for the third party.
However, you can take this planning to next level and schedule your posts as per time and location. This feature is particularly important as posts will be published in the required time and location significant, when it is more, likely to reach major audience.


Businesses need to understand that, social media posts need to be- social. Engagement on the social media platforms is increasingly becoming the game for marketers. Companies only posting information is an idea that is long gone. Instead, you must work on strategies that make your audience keep coming back for more.

With Soffront, you can quickly respond to messages, mentions, and share, comment-all with a single click and on a single dashboard.


Getting real-time results on your social media performance is important for the consistent evaluation of your social media strategy. Social media metrics like Retweets, clickthrough rate, and Likes give you a thorough assessment and let you know, where you might need re-evaluation.

Analytics is such a great tool to track your success and assess your progress. Thus, it is crucial that social marketing software has this functionality.

Gain Complete Control

At Soffront, our social marketing tool, lets you take control of your social media campaigns and also the third party posts to ensure that it is going on the right track and keeping up with the latest updates.

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