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There are a lot of fallacies and myths about sales and marketing Automation tool. So it is important to clarify what we are talking about. Many think that any action taken automatically such as following back or scheduling posts on social networks is already Marketing Automation in its full form. But these are just simple actions. And are far below what we consider an effective Marketing Automation.

Sales and Marketing automation means understanding and acting in a personalized and scalable way with the people who interact with your company in the different online channels. It is to understand exactly the Lead’s interest and his purchase stage. Giving him all the information he needs at any given time in an automated way.

Marketing Automation tool for After Sales

The acquisition of customers and the automation of certain tasks are not the only jobs facilitated by Marketing Automation. There are also actions taken in post-sales that make the results of your company be leveraged, encouraging those who are already customers to make new purchases, make upgrades, etc.

Marketing automation tool beyond email

Marketing Automation is a powerful tool, responsible for maintaining personalized relationships by email in a smart and scalable way. But few companies know that this tool offers many other possibilities. Email is in fact the main result generator, but using it also to automate lead management and delivery processes brings great productivity gains and consequent results.

Advantages of marketing automation tool

  • Short sales cycle – As all preparation work is done by the system salespeople can receive Leads in the last stages of the purchase process. This makes the prospect spend much less time arguing with the seller. Thus, the time of the sales professional is more dedicated to helping Lead choose the best solution.
  • More productivity for salespeople – With all the initial stages of the sales process driven by the Sales and marketing automation tool, and previously created content, salespeople are able to be much more productive. Since the tool does the job well. They feel more comfortable to focus on those Leads, who are more ready. And trust that leads that are not yet at the right time will come back to it after some time. As there is no need to do all the initial education, they can also specialize in the final stages of the process, ensuring a higher closing rate.
  • Better prepared leads are more successful with the product – Just as we say that people with greater knowledge tend to have higher tickets, they also already know what to expect. And how to implement your product or service. This makes them more successful, stays longer, and generates more recommendations. These benefits generate an even better result!

Sales and Marketing Automation Tool: Choose the best one

We have shown here why marketing automation is a powerful tool and strategy. This brings much better results and much better prepared Leads to purchase. Since it sends the right content to the right person, at the right time. So it is necessary to have a good tool in hand.

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