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Searching for an own CRM platform, but don’t have enough time or money to set up one for yourself? Then, White label CRM software is the perfect solution for you.

A white label solution allows you to use your own on the onsite CRM and lets you use it according to your needs within your company. Also, you can rebrand it with your brand logo and sell it on your set price. In either way, if you’re looking for an easy to use CRM platform, there’s nothing better than a white label CRM by Soffront.

Now, if you’re thinking whether you need to be a marketing or coding expert in order to sell it as your own, the answer would be No, not at all! White Label solutions exist to make things easy for you.

To make things clear, let’s back it up a little…

What makes white Label CRM so effective for business?

Soffront - White Label CRM Software

Maybe you’re not convinced, whether or not White Labelling is cost-effective. You might think that just a brand name on a third-party tool isn’t so useful! Well, to answer your queries, let me share some top-notch features that make white Label CRM so effective:

  • Easy access and organized information about your customers
  • Set your own pricing limit
  • Automated deals
  • Fast-tracking of leads
  • Manage your marketing activities
  • Integrated affiliate and telephony systems into one unified place
  • Make returns calls
  • Schedule appointments via calendar and reminders

The list of features is endless, but these are the most important business solutions that Soffront White Label CRM offers for your needs.

Now, make a deeper move on how you can grow your business sales using a white label CRM software!

No more jumping from one place to another

Soffront - White Label CRM Agency

As an agency owner in a digital firm, it must be hard to do everything on your own. Websites, reputation, social media- how do you manage with all these services when everything is evolving at breakneck speed?

That’s where a white label CRM software and solutions come in to play to fill in your business gaps and help you become a full-stack digital agency.

Soffront’s white label CRM software comes with a strong vertical integration capability that not only allows you to track your customer’s contacts, but it also contains a built-in platform to meet the needs of any small or large business. Using our white label product, you can choose from many verticals including technical sales, project management, digital agency, and much more.

Each of our verticals entails all that is needed by industry owners including proficient details, tracking, and forms. You don’t need to dodge around doing nitty-gritty tasks, Soffront white label product does it all. In turn, this converts into saving your time and finances and allows you to earn more recurring income.

No need to stress over training & retraining needs

Soffront - white label crm for resellers

Using White Label CRM software, both you and your customers will be overawed with its simplicity, intuitive usability of the CRM software.  As said earlier, maybe you like to have your own product but you probably back off thinking it would require tons of investment with no guarantee of the product ROI. In fact, leveraging these resellable white label solution means you’re cutting the overhead and resource cost that’s required for training your staff. Over that, there’s no cost held for any development work or IT set up resources. Everything is just a turnkey!

Embrace these opportunities to increase your business revenue

Soffront - White label Agency CRM

You must know, white label business opportunities are never-ending and huge in terms of growing your brand, reputation, a bag of offerings, and in scaling your business profit to an infinite degree.

Here’re the major advantages of implementing these opportunities:

  • Enhanced revenue and profits 

Each new service you offer to your customers using white label CRM creates a new incremental revenue stream for your business.

  • The increased popularity of your business

By providing every core marketing or technical solution that local business requires, you’ll soon turn yourself into a “go-to local expert” in the competitive market.

  • Improved customer retention

As you get hold of more products, your customers get more reason to stick to you and make your business their one-stop solution.

  • Focus on your core brand offerings

With limited time for fulfilling and analyzing on nitty-gritty issues, using a white label CRM software, you can simply focus on what your company does the best. By doing so, you establish your business stand out from the crowd.

Sell a complete solution to your customers

Soffront - Crm software white label

Did you know that almost 86% of the consumers are concerned with online reviews for a local business? Providing your customers with a complete solution is what they want. The more you offer them, the happier they’re. The more ‘done-for-you’ services you have in your bucket, the satisfied they’re.

That means, just by providing a white label marketing solution you can’t keep yourself off the hook! They want you to build their landing pages, creating email templates, deciding on the email drip system, establishing their workflows, and much more. You’re offering a complete solution that includes, CRM, email marketing, text, KPI dashboards, analytics, activity tracking, plus all the necessary know-how that they can’t do without.

Now that they have a seamless system that enabled them to implement your system and tactics. Certainly, your client will conclude that they can’t leave your offerings. Thus, your online reputation will overflow with good reviews and positive feedbacks.

What to consider before purchasing a white label CRM?

Sofftont - white label CRM service

Make sure the white label CRM software you choose is:

  • User-friendly
  • 100% re-sellable
  • Able to monitor and track a lead from all the top locations
  • Intuitive contact management system
  • Able to track B2B market providers

Yes, white labeling is worth the penny!

A white label gives you a perfect opportunity to resell a built-in solution and grow your revenue. Taking advantage of the ever-expanding list of white label opportunities, existing in any industry can result in huge gains for your business by transparently outsourcing your products and services.

So, what are you waiting for? Rush to apply for a white label partnership, Soffront is the best option without any doubt! To know more about our white label CRM system, reach us today at www.soffrontcrm.com.

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