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For an organization its bread and butter is its customer. If there are no customers, any company, big or small has nothing to work for. Knowing who is the “potential customer” is great but reaching out and converting them into a “customer” base is a milestone for every business. A great helping hand in these scenarios is the B2B lead generation agencies.

The significance of a lead generation company can only be recognized by anyone who has applied it into their business. A professional take on the sales and marketing aspect, lead generation companies provide thorough support to a business. Although their presence has been there since the inception of “business” itself, a lot has gone down in the last decade that has changed the entire spectrum of how lead generation works. So, here we are informing you about the latest upgrades your lead generation agency should incorporate.

Incorporating Google Analytics

If you are online, Google knows it. A great way to track every bit of how your business fairs in the market, Google Analytics is a key ingredient for your business. The software not just delivers real-time data of your online business but if used wisely it can also be applied to plan various campaigns and strategies. Your agency should be thorough with Google Analytics and they should be able to adapt to this system of online management.

Pro Tip: Want to learn about your companies’ progress? You can set specific dates and know how your business has scaled in that duration. This can be very useful while checking what campaigns, pages, and plans work for your company and what don’t.

Social Stigma

Newspapers, infographics, magazine ads, outdoor, traditional methods are evergreen. But the new wave of social media is a canvas many agencies haven’t worked on. Adapting to this stigma is necessary. It is crucial to understand that creating an account on Instagram or Facebook is not the end. For a business, having a healthy and active social media spread is a must. So, if your lead generation plan doesn’t involve a social media strategy, there are some immediate changes you need to make.

Video Marketing

According to a study, 72% of businesses have seen a significant hike in their sales through video marketing and 66% of executives from fortune 500 companies view videos out of which 39% call the vendors to post they have watched the video. In other words, video is must but not just any video, shot, to the point, digital videos that deliver your business prospects and entices your consumer to come to you. There are various forms of videos including live, 360, personalized and more that can be included at various stages of your lead generation plan.

LinkedIn Prospects

All social media platforms set apart, LinkedIn is more of a professional’s arena. From CEOs to executives everyone who is working is on LinkedIn and you along with your business should be too. Capitalizing on this platform means generating real-time and genuine leads. Not only your business but you can keep a tab on your completion too through this mean. A good strategy is to choose a lead generation agency that can devise plans that assistant lead generation through LinkedIn.

Choosing Your Lead Generation Agency

If you play your cards right, getting an agency that works exactly like you desire and proves constant and genuine leads is not impossible. If you are planning to make a shift from your existing agency or are planning to appoint an agency on board there are some prominent questions that you need to ask yourself and the agency. These may include:

  • What are the methods they use to generate leads and do they include the latest formats (some of which are mentioned above)?
  • How true are the leads and what is their long term plan?

Before you go all in make sure you do a trial run of the agency you want to get on board with.

We are constantly working towards keeping our consumer informed through our blogs. Hope a clear insight into the latest trends in the lead generation agencies has been delivered. Now, all you have to do is choose an agency that understands your business because that’s where the process of lead generation begins.

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