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It goes without saying that the best marketing tactic that has always worked for all sorts of business is email marketing. Research dictates that more than 80% of businesses use email marketing as their most trusted source of marketing and communication. However, less than 50% of them know about the benefits of email marketing automation software. Every growing business in today’s time requires an email automation software and here is why.

The word “automation”

With automation in email marketing individuals are not required to manually conduct anything ranging from email blasts to even personalized emails. From sending a monthly email to all the existing subscribers to sending a birthday message automatically to a client, email marketing automation software does everything to save your time and efforts.

Nurturing leads

Automated email marketing software is able to determine how to react to new leads including when to send them a reminder email or take periodic follow ups. Rather than sending your potential clients, automated emails make the entire process more subtle.

Being fitting

Sending a ton of emails to your clients without knowing what they are interested in can many times cost you their valuable subscription. With email marketing, automatic software marketers are able to design much crisper and engaging emails that stay relevant to the client receiving it.

Branding better

Email automation allows emails to be more specific making your brand stand out. So, rather than sending out scrolls and scrolls of written content, a concise email that makes your brand stand out is what it all takes to be at the top.

Error reduction

Since the emails are automated, the error rates are much lower. You can revisit your drafts, glance for error but the added advantage with email automation is that you are provided with necessary hints and voluntary corrections that make the email overall better. After all, the one thing you don’t want to do is send an email with tons of errors.

The sales team has a greater time to concentrate on more important things. All emails are automated and you don’t have to worry about putting out emails and engage in communication with your clients all the time. Hence, providing more space for the sales team to be more creative. This is extremely helpful for the overall growth of the company.

Decreased cost

At the end of the day, any email marketing automation software is able to conduct a ton of work thus, the need for a large sales team diminishes. In other words, businesses are able to save larger sum staffing money and use them in other areas for the growth of the business.

Engaging better with existing customers: Apart from generating quality leads you are also, as a marketer, responsible for maintaining better communication with the existing customers and engaging them. Email automation enables businesses to arrange frequent contests and events that garner the attention of existing customers which interns allows them to forecast their loyalty to the business or brand.

All in all, email marketing automation software is a necessary marketing assistant required by any and every business.

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