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It seems like yesterday when a consumer had no option but to visit a store to buy any product. But now, with an increase in technology consumer behavior has evolved tremendously. Adapting to these changes have been crucial for businesses to succeed in the 21st century. This article breaks down the changes in CRM software’s that business owners should be aware of and their usage to garner the new age consumer.

CRM and Consumer

When CRM was initially launched in late 2000’s, it was not developed considering the massive change in consumer behavior and development in technology. If you are a business owner who absorbed the CRM software during those times, it’s time that you make a change.

  • CRM and Social Media

Disregarding the sheer importance of social media can cost an owner his entire business. A study noted that there are more than 4 billion internet users and 3.4 billion social media users across the globe, recorded just in 2019. But things were not the same a few years back. A typical CRM system did not involve the ‘social’ aspect but now, there are new and improved CRM software that incorporate various social media strategies and analytics.

Apart from having a global presence, it is also important to have a good presence of your brand. With CRM using the social media features, you will be able to readily track every word your existing and potential consumer is talking about your brand. This way necessary changes can be made and quick actions can be taken.

  • CRM and Mobile

The total world population in 2019 stands at 7.6 billons out of which 5.1 billion are carrying a mobile/smartphone at any given point of time. You should not be left behind. Take a moment, get back to your CRM and check if it’s compatible with your smartphone. If it’s not, we would recommend you make a shift immediately.

Ability to track sales and customer data through phone, instant and real-time communications and selling can be conducted comfortably though the means of mobile CRM. This also provides you and your team the facility to store all the data that churns out of business communication on a daily basis on a cloud bases storage system. A great benefit that cuts down cost and rejects the necessity of a local storage facility.

  • Electronic CRM

Yes, CRM is all electronic but e-CRM is nothing like a traditional CRM. With e-CRM, a lot of off-line operations go online. In many ways, this provides for the advent of Sales Force Automation as everything starting from customer service to customer relations all integrate to become a bigger part of the online medium. The system helps you to discover the right consumer while assisting them with the right kind of information.

While the notion of marketing i.e. being able to customize your strategies from person to person stands the same, the new age customers have a short attention span. So, the longer you make him wait for the further you both grow apart. To seize the opportunity and get to each customer, Electronic CRM’s come into the play. The system sends instant replies and makes personalized communication with customers making them feel involved.

Finally, to tackle a 21st-century customer you have to be a 21st-century business which means adapting to the changes in hand. Now, all you need to do is go back to your CRM software and take a deeper look. Find out what all your software is missing and then look for a CRM that has everything that your business demands.

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