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As a business owner with multiple business issues, your first instinct must be to try to solve it yourself. But it may not be helpful in many cases. Because building a personalized solution in an attempt to meet all the needs of your business can dramatically slow down your time in the market. Additionally, you may miss out on important resources in your workspace, where you required an expert opinion. To your help, these pitfalls can be easily overcome if you opt for a White Label CRM system other than trying to solve it yourself.

So, if you are a software hosting company or a web agency looking for a CRM solution, Soffront is one best White Label CRM resellers, that provides the most intuitive CRM solutions for the SMBs.

Once you pay for the white label privilege, it becomes your own product that is developed by another company, it becomes completely acceptable and beneficial for many reasons!

Before you go through the benefits of White Label CRM for your business, let’s have a look at what White Label CRM service does!

What is White Label CRM?

A white label CRM service is where one company develops a product, and another sells the product using their own brand logo typically without any branding effort. With Soffront’s white label CRM program you can purchase our software and resell it under your brand name, using your price and easily offer it to your customers.  If you are looking to boost your sales and streamline your customer engagement process apply with Soffront’s white Label Reseller program to get the best private label CRM. Meanwhile, you can focus on finding cost-efficient ways to build your product without bothering about the marketing needs of your product!

If you’re still not convinced how a white Label CRM can help you, consider these benefits:

Benefits of White Label CRM for your business

Save time to boost your marketing needs

As an owner of a digital marketing agency, it can be hard for you to manage the website, social media, and brand reputation all at once. Additionally, it can be tough to determine the appropriate marketing technique that works best for your customers. CRM software offers tools such as email marketing, landing pages, surveying reports, marketing automation, and lead nurturing tools to increase the business process. With Soffront’s CRM white label reseller, you can fully customize your cloud CRM plan under your own pricing. A White label CRM can take care of your logistics tasks so that your team on board can focus on your business growth.

Enhance the visibility of your brand

You may be a small organization, that doesn’t have proper resources to build an established CRM solution. No, you don’t have to settle for a poorly developed CRM. Perhaps, it is the time when you want to invest your resources into activities that generate high ROI. Keeping that in mind, you need to understand what is best for your business.

white label CRM software can provide you with a complete marketing automation platform for your customers where you can efficiently manage all the to-do lists, schedule calendar, and activity alerts. Also, you manage and evaluate the progress of your employees as it will give complete visibility to your sales team and help you identify the opportunities for development.

Manage multiple channels seamlessly

The key to lead generation is by sharing interesting content, keeping your clients engaged, and listening to what people are saying about your brand on social networks. Apart from finding a relevant lead, you also need to keep track of your leads. However, this can be a complicated task if you use reseller channels or sell through third-party brokers. Using a White label CRM system can help you to keep an update on the progress of your leads. Soffront’s White Label CRM comes with built-in integration for all your channels. Here, you can use the software as a platform to manage program, application, email, social media channels, instead of logging in to each dashboard individually.

Save your time and effort

Developing a CRM solution from a scratch can be a daunting task, risking a large number of financial resources, and a lot of time, a customized CRM solution may seem to be the best alternative. By leveraging on Soffront’s private label CRM, you’re able to add new products and services to your core offerings immediately. Also, you have the option to cut down the expenses related to overhead and resource costs. At the same time, it helps you to focus on your core values by figuring out nitty-gritty issues of your business. You can simply focus on what your company does the best and stand out from the crowd. We’ll take care of your CRM needs!

Enables you to focus on your business core capabilities

In most of the cases, the solutions that companies expect to build fall far outside of their area of expertise. It’s not so easy to stretch resources to work on something that doesn’t fit within your core capabilities. At this time, it is important to look closely at the solution you need most. Going for a pre-packaged white Label solution can provide an opportunity to trust the experts and avoid making similar mistakes that must have been made by others before you.

Apart from these, a white label CRM provides a new revenue stream for your business. By using the product that already exists, you can use CRM solutions that are proven to work best and are developed by experts without spending much money on research and development. To your added benefit, as a White label reseller partner at Soffront, you get an opportunity to have personalized training and consulting for you and your customers.

Final thoughts

Now, you have a complete understanding of white Label CRM, the way it can help your business practices, and the number of tools you can leverage in your service. You are now equipped with what your business needs most to make your agency the most cost-effective solution for your customer while benefiting your sales revenue.

Finally, you must keep it in mind that a white Label solution is not something your company can pass up. And adding new products to your company means that you’re adding new incremental revenue streams and enhancing your bottom line. With our White Label CRM, you can grow your SaaS platform and sell it as your core service without any hassles of developing and managing it yourself. To learn more about how our software can grow your business, reach us today or apply for a white label partnership now!

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