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A sales dashboard, in essence, visually represents your sales data. They precisely and impartially indicate your sales team performance on a daily basis. The information as put forward by a sales dashboard working on free CRM software can, time and again, be filtered by selecting various time periods. In addition, there are many sales dashboards that have the capability of extracting real-time data.

Even though sales dashboards have unwavering versatility, there isn’t a typical one-size-fits-all dashboard that’s applicable to every sales organization.

Here’s a rundown of 4 sales dashboards which many salespeople resort to on a day-to-day basis to help achieve their sales targets.

1. Sales activities dashboard

As a matter of fact, no free CRM system available in the market can magically stock up your pipeline on a monthly basis. Therefore, the onus lies on you to ensure that perfect balance is attained in between the following.

  • Closure of deals
  • Initiation of finding new sales opportunities
  • Delivery of presentations

Each one of these is required to pull off your sales target in the successive months or quarters. With the help of this dashboard bolstered by free CRM software, you can keep effective use of time under observation by displaying the specific activities you use every week.

The sales activities dashboard allows you to keep track of a few particular activities that you use more often than others. For instance, when you’re hard-pressed with lots of deal closure meetings but fewer numbers of preliminary meetings with prospects you can make a decision on prioritizing the activities to even them up. In this way, you can top up your pipeline once more. Or else, you might be jeopardy of not touching your target for the next few months.

The dashboard chart working on free CRM will put the following activities on display that you register per week. These include:

  • The number of internal or external meetings attended
  • The number of follow-ups done or pending
  • The number of phone calls made
  • The number of proposals puts forward

Through the addition of suitable colors, you can easily see the activities which have earned the maximum registration.

2. Forecast dashboard

It’s a well-known fact that getting your sales target reached or surpassed at regular monthly intervals is a daunting task. In order to accomplish your monthly budget, it’s imperative you have a clear focus on:

  • The number of sales already done
  • The number of sales opportunities still open and on hand

Simultaneously you need to have predictions displayed with the help of free CRM software to see to it you’ve got sufficient qualified leads for the next month to put in your best efforts.

  • A forecast dashboard helps expose the following sales numbers to view.
  • The number of sales done last month
  • The number of sales done so far in the current month
  • The number of available, open sales opportunities to work on
  • The number of open sales opportunities expected to come off in the next month
  • The total value of upcoming leads for the next month

By knowing the total number of open sales it’s possible to gauge if you’ll able to achieve your budget for the current month. Thus, this dashboard is an excellent indicator to help you decide where exactly to lay your focus on – be it deal closures or discovering more prospects.

3. Pipeline-in-numbers dashboard

In free CRM software by means of the pipeline-in-numbers dashboard, you can gain an understanding of the speed at which your sales pipeline is moving. This is established by knowing the total value of the sales that currently exist in your pipeline. Just one glance at this number – and you’re sure if it’s big enough to touch your sales budget for the current month.

In addition, the dashboard gives you information about:

  • The number of sales opportunities newly created in the current month
  • The aggregate value of the sales opportunities so derived

When you keep track of these numbers in a regular periodicity you can set the seal on that you have garnered an adequate number of leads to top up your pipeline for the current month and the next few successive months.

4. Upcoming sales dashboard

Without a doubt, the bigger the sales can get, the quicker you reach your targets. So with a view to putting more emphasis on big deals, you can make the most of a free CRM supported upcoming sales dashboard to distinguish between the bigger and smaller deals and naturally put the former on priority.

The dashboard helps you give an idea of the top-five sales opportunities in your pipeline ranked in terms of their total value. The listing is done on the exact size of the sales. It offers you suggestions when you can expect the corresponding customers in making their minds upon their final decision.

In this way, you exactly get to know the deals to give precedence to. From the list of opportunities believed to get you the largest number of sales, you can right away go to your priority sale and discern the actually planned follow-up activities. Besides, you can verify if a sales proposal has been sent to the priority customers or not.

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