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Did you know 30% of your business productivity can be enhanced using a customer relationship system? Yes, it’s true. You can call it an indispensable tool designed exclusively for the modern sales representative. If used in the right way, you will be able to implement as per the needs of your company using Custom CRM System.

Also, a study revealed that 56% of CRM users find customization as of the significant issue while working with CRM in their business. That shows that nearly half of the CRM users are obligated to fight with a daily system that eventually fails to meet their business requirement.

Unfortunately, this is a problem for those who buy a ready-made CRM. Our objective in this article is to share information with you, about why you should build a custom CRM system, not a readily built one.

Why you should build a Custom CRM?

It becomes impossible to foresee every detail that arises while using any system, either new or custom. But if you’re aware of already present challenges, it may help you to escape them. Based on the various reading from different sources, we have created the top reasons why you should have a custom CRM system for your business. It includes:

  • To meet the unique functionalities of your business processes

  • To integrate CRM with another system at ease

  • To anticipate scaling up your system in the future

  • If you are required to transform an old CRM to a new one

  • If you wish to secure your confidential database

Now, let’s get through the deeper insights into the details:

1. Unique features for your business processes

You’d surely find yourself, fortunately, if you find an out of the shelf solution that meets 90% of your business needs! Isn’t it so? But most of the time, you’ll have to compromise between given features and business flow. That’s the reason why most of the user goes for a custom CRM system.

By customizations, it doesn’t necessarily mean system configuration, but rather the process of adding new functions or the need to rebuild the already existing ones to obtain uniqueness. Although nearly any of them out of the box systems can be customized nowadays, these changes can be at time be very expensive and time taking than building a CRM solution from the scratch. For example, if you choose to hire Salesforce for expert customizations, it could cost you the price per hour of work, depending on the expertise.

But instead of redeveloping a ready-made system, don’t you think it makes more sense to have a custom CRM solution and build a unique product right from the beginning will have the appropriate features that meet the needs of your business and daily workflow.

2. Easy integration with another system

CRM integration indicates that your system can be connected to either your website of third-party service and so that you can exchange data seamlessly. This will help you to increase your productivity across all departments including sales, marketing finance, etc.

The most popular challenges of integration faced by users:

  • To get up to date information about the different inventory level

  • While sending quick orders

  • To provide best data security while assigning tickets

  • Email marketing campaigns for sending newsletters

It’s hardly possible to integrate a ready-made CRM with this kind of system. One more thing to keep in mind is that while you’re looking for a ready-made CRM features, you’ll soon realize that all system doesn’t offer API integration. These may force you to upgrade to a pricier plan just to have this feature.

3. Unlimited flexibility in processes

As your business continues to grow and adapt to new changing situations in the market, you may require new features to be implemented to your CRM system. At the same time, you may understand the requirement of some features until you’ve already worked with the system for some time.

If during the procedure of using a ready-made CRM you need a specific feature or change in the present one, you may have to face certain challenges or difficulty in reaching out to the provider to get an improvement. That’s because most of the ready-made solution is product centered other than customer centered. And big companies are more concerned with satisfying their profitable needs of the core customers other than a small business that does not bring much profit.

But a Custom CRM system can provide you with the utmost flexibility for changes and limitless customizability as this is your product and you’re always in connection with developments to recommend you any upcoming improvements. So, you consider getting started with a custom solution with the basic functions and eventually expand your business scope.

4. Migrating to a new CRM system

You’re wondering, on how to effortlessly import all your collected data from your old CRM to a completely new one? This is a very normal problem for those who already use CRM and want to migrate their database to another system due to unlimited functions, limited flexibility and other reasons.

There are no issues with exporting data from the old system, but if you picking a new CRM among the ready-made solution you must be careful about the following questions:

  • Check if your new system has the functions corresponding to your previous solution

  • If there are any critical integration in your old system

  • If you’ll be able to continue using your previous solution in parallel to the new one

Before you choose to transfer your data, you must carefully examine the technical aspects of your business. With a custom CRM system, migrating CRM becomes easy with a minimum compromise to your necessities, providing you with all the needed functions, saving your business in all-encompassing ways.

5. In providing security of data

There is a very meagre amount of free source CRM system that offers an attractive solution from the perspective of cost. Besides attractive cost, it also comes with an option that allows anyone to download and examine the source code with either good or bad purposes. Thus, the extension in most of the ready-made CRM is developed with the help of third-party plugins, which can bring additional threats to security. In contrary to this, Custom CRM system can offer enhanced security. Also, it becomes difficult to hack servers in a custom solution than a ready-made solution.

Key Takeaway

If you have never used CRM solution before, and want to plan your business needs for an upcoming custom CRM system, then we would suggest a free trial. It would help you to understand the features you need your business to have including a customized solution.

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