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As currently just in a month, panic buttons are on the rise in the global economy, for the pandemic of COVID 19 has forced the entire world to be in a state of complete lockdown. Coronavirus is spreading across at an alarming rate, affecting the economy and throwing it to a state of recession. Thus, to cope up with the downward trend at these times of lockdown, and run your business in a planned approach, some useful tips can be followed and implemented accordingly.

Best Tips to Run the Business during COVID-19

Work from Home

Most of the companies around the world are resorting to working from home option for coping up the lockdown crisis. As there is no scope of lifting the lockdown soon due to the rise in the COVID 19 pandemic cases, the work from home is the only safest option available. Thus, for the smooth functioning of the business process, data-driven software like CRM application should be integrated with the process functionalities. The synchronization of the software helps the employees to perform the process workflows easily.

Virtual Workspaces

Clients visiting a business website can directly book an appointment via the online mode, which is supported by a calendar service known as Calendly focused on online appointment scheduling. Thus integrating Calendly with CRM software ensures that with every customer meeting, the customer-centric data is automatically synced with accurate information. Besides, it also aids in gathering real-time information, so that better decisions can be taken on authentic customer records for enhanced conversions. Moreover, this automated syncing helps to remove the need for manual data entry.

Project Management Software

It is recommended for the business houses to implement project management software integrated with a customized CRM application. The software acts as a virtual intelligence to generate new projects and group tasks. Besides, it also assists in allocating these tasks to knowledgeable employees in different operational roles. Furthermore, it aids the employees to monitor the outstanding job and their specific daily TATs.

Automate Outstanding Circulars

CRM Accounting integration is a cloud accounting software, wherein the employees can perfectly generate and update potential customer information. The application bridges the CRM with the accounting system, while creating invoices, and sending automatic notifications relating to outstanding invoices to the target clients. Besides, unpaid invoice details can be directed as reports and summaries of unsettled bills.

Conduct a Fiscal Audit

Business enterprises should conduct monthly fiscal audits through the CRM software with in-built audit functionalities. In the data and usage focused audit, the software scrutinizes the expenses for the last quarter and actualizes methods to mitigate the overhead costs. This audit gives the concern a fair idea of allocating finances and expenses during the upcoming quarter, keeping in mind the adverse consequences of lockdown.

Enhance Brand Value

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have brought adverse effects mostly to small-scale business enterprises. So, the content managers should implement new methods of writing unique blogs and articles to enhance the website’s value with appropriate social media content. The entire process of content marketing can be conveniently integrated with the CRM application to acquire the precise knowledge of the specific needs and interests of the target audiences through communicative emails. This process encourages writing innovative content accordingly to attract these potential clients. The customer-centric contents thus published on the social media channels will enhance the brand value of the website’s product or service, and bring in an enhanced rate of conversions.

online community

Many companies are resorting to adopting unique video conferencing software supported by CRM integration during these work from home schedules. This exclusive software brings in the attributes of real workspace, wherein the employees get a feeling of actual-time interaction, as they can see faces of other colleagues in group video chats and conferences. This helps to enhance the team bonding, and keep the employees motivated all the time without feeling monotonous.

Thus with these unique methods supported with CRM software, it becomes easy for the businesses to plan, implement, and optimize the system to achieve the optimal results even during the global crisis.

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