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Custom CRM software eases the selling process right from the sales floor to heights and bounds reaching the corporate offices and supplier warehouses respectively. Here are 9 ways to leverage custom CRM integrations to make progress in business productivity.

  1. Personalization of customer care

Custom CRM integrations help keep regular track of the contact information and buying behavior of existing customers and make sales teams act in response to specific customer needs in a personalized fashion. Research shows around 73 percent of consumers preferring purchases from those companies that make good use of their personal information and subsequently bring in more relevance to their shopping experience. As far as bigger-ticket sales are concerned, significantly more touchpoints and care need to be paid attention to.

Herein, custom CRM software enables the taking over of a particular lead by one salesperson when the other has left off. This prevents the initiation of the sales process from the very beginning which is always considered a potential business nuisance and something that deters customers from making a purchase.

  1. Simplification of list segmentation

With the help of custom CRM integrations, it’s possible for a business to filter and segment customers by means of their email list and based on their demographic patterns, unique interests, lifecycle stage – vital pieces of information that are stored inside a centralized CRM database. Equipped with the requisite marketing efforts, this way of email list segmentation of customers empowers sales teams to target appropriate groups of people in specific areas.

  1. Smooth-running of the sales process

Custom CRM software has the ability to keep a watch on the original intents and purposes of a customer to enter a store and make purchases. Thus, in a way, teams are facilitated with an opportunity to restart an already abandoned conversation. Equipped with the information obtained from the database developed through custom CRM integrations, they can exercise upselling techniques or lure more purchases by offering complimentary items.

For instance, if a customer has purchased a television of late, the sales team can suggest a complimentary DVD player or a surround sound system once they have knowledge of the customer’s buying behavior and preferences available in the CRM system.

  1. Reduction of training time

Custom CRM integrations simplify the process involved in training new employees. When you have all the necessary business processes incorporated into single CRM software, teams gain more competence to perform their jobs thereby giving a boost to confidence on either side of the transaction.

Furthermore, custom CRM software helps reduce the time needed during the checkout process. As a consequence, business teams derive more time to learn extensively about products/services and engage with customers with in-depth knowledge and professionalism.

  1. Simplification of inventory management

With custom CRM integrations in place, teams are capable of checking stock and inventory levels which goes a long way in improving overall customer experience. By gaining access to stock levels prevailing at warehouses and different stores it’s possible to get what customers precisely want. Also, this makes it more effortless for line managers at corporates to monitor and manage regional stocks from a distant location.

  1. Synchronization with several other programs

Custom CRM software brings about mutual synchrony with other important programs, for example, accounting software, payment processing system, an automated email system. Such custom CRM integrations improve team productivity by allowing them instant access to relevant information.

  1. Integration with mobile and social media platforms

Research indicates the average productivity of a salesperson increases anything between 11 to 14 percent when the CRM software supporting the sales process is consolidated with mobile and social media platforms. Therefore by extending their marketing reach outside the bounds of the store, businesses can enhance marketing productivity and amplify gainful returns.

  1. Increase in the number of leads

Custom CRM integrations qualify sales teams to obtain key contact details and email addresses of customers as an integral part of the regular checkout process. By and large, customers are receptive to sharing email addresses in return of deals delivered right away to their inboxes and leading to accelerated shopping experiences. Through the collection of vital contact, information salespeople contribute to expanding the customer database and augmenting their marketing reach.

  1. Boost in ROI

With the help of the data gathered from the CRM system, marketers and sales reps can discover essential marketing strategies and put them into practice to garner maximum profits. At the same time, custom CRM integrations enable them to figure out weak areas and modify those strategies to bring in more effectiveness. With steady and continuous honing of the strategies, teams can gain a better understanding of their efficacy and secure a bigger ROI.


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