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Would you mind a robot working for your business? Exactly, that’s what the task of business automation software is. Your complex business processes or tasks will be done in quick time by software enabling better workflow and efficiency.

There are myriad good reasons why business automation software becomes a must for every business, big or small. It can bring forth digital transformation by accomplishing several tasks on a flexible platform:

  • Streamline the business process and make it much simple
  • Clear cut hierarchy in the organizational structure
  • Better allocation of resources
  • Reduce paperwork and hence saves time
  • Decrease the chances of human errors
  • Increase the quality of business services and its delivery
  • Cut down the cost of repetitive tasks
  • Greater workflow reliability
  • Fast turnaround time of business delivery
  • Better resolution of customer complaints
  • Keep a check on business processes and improves workflow
  • Regular updates of business data
  • Assist in easy-decision making by enhancing human interaction
  • Creation of real-time transparency
  • Enhancing scalability
  • Generating powerful business insights
  • Speeding up auditing and analysis processes
  • Consistency in work standard

What does Business  Automation Software Mean?

The whole thing comes down to one important point – that is the organization. It means BPA brings and assists both personnel and systems under same business workflow.

Business process automation makes a task easier by a four-pronged approach:

  • First, is to do away with redundant steps.
  • Second, is to merge or minimize steps to optimize the entire business process.
  • Third, is to standardize the repetitive processes and follow the best practices throughout.
  • Fourth, is to keep improving and upgrading the business automation software.

BPA and its types

Based on the level of intelligence and complexities there are four different types of business automation. You can choose from the following type of automation opportunities, based on hierarchy:

Basic Automation – it addresses some of the simplest jobs of a business organization like assisting in the storage of crucial business data and information in a centralized storage space.

Process Automation – this type of automation works best when task consistency and transparency is expected. For such tasks dedicated business automation software and apps are required.

Artificial Intelligence Automation – the most advanced type of automation processes wherein AI based business automation software technology acts like human beings and supports customers in easy decision-making.

The Integral Phases of BPA

Business process automation can be categorized into 4 phases, namely –

Analysis phase – this is the initial phase when you need to review company infrastructure, current systems involved, data requirement, and likewise. You should seek consultant advice before finalizing software technology for automation.

Implementation phase – this phase calls for the setting up and customization of the opted technology. At this stage, end-user training becomes must for a better understanding of technologies involved in the automation process.

Integration phase – this is the phase for API integration, enabling integration between new and existing programs. This is also the phase for data integration from varied sources.

Maintenance and Support Phase – this is the final stage where business bottlenecks are identified and corrected. It becomes necessary to keep updating with the latest technologies to ensure consistent work process.

Business Workflows that Requires Automation

Business workflow refers to the sequence of activities right from the start to the end of business tasks. Some of the workflows which you should automate with software services are:

  • CRM/ Sales Process
  • Task Management Process
  • Customer Ticketing Process
  • Expense Approval Processes
  • Leave Approval Processes

How did the Business Process Chart its Growth?

Gradually with the advancement of technologies businesses banked on computers for simplistic automated tasks, which decreased human dependence for daily, routine works.

In modern times business automation or BPA is an integral part of any business and it features these essential components:

  • Systems integration
  • Enterprise Resource planning systems (ERP)
  • Workflow assisting tools

The Concluding Statement

BPA can power up business processes by addressing human-oriented tasks and bringing down the level of personal interaction or communication. It is highly important is to opt for the best business automation software tools and processes from the automation services providers. Avail the best technologies from SaaS (Software-as-a-service) platforms which can manage and automate collaborative work in a business effectively and timely.

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