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In recent times you’ll find SEO professionals coming from diverse backgrounds.  While some are basic programmers or entrepreneurs, others are more conservative marketers. SEO professionals in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the world need to have an assortment of skills to be successful in their field of expertise.

Read on to gain an understanding of 5 fundamental skills a Los Angeles SEO consultant must have to do well and be at the top of the game.

1. Critical thinking ability

Even though it’s hard to measure, still it’s crucial that professionals who offer local SEO services in Los Angeles have a thoroughly analytical mind that has the prowess to differentiate the facets of correlation and causation. An SEO consultant is expected to know the basic “3 Whats” as follows:

  • What happened?
  • Why the “what happened” really happened?
  • What can be done about it?

There are a number of ways to ascertain these 3 Whats. And, definitely, there are there aren’t any right or wrong answers to each of these three questions. However, the answers an SEO consultant come up with give an indication of the inherent thought process and the modus operandi of addressing problems. Thus, a Los Angeles SEO consultant needs to comprehend the problem from many angles and make efficient use of logic and data in the decision making the process.

2. Speaking and writing proficiency

True blue SEO professionals are those who can carry out their own extensive keyword research and create compelling content replete with useful information and insights. In addition to writing articles or giving speeches at conferences, a consultant offering local SEO services in Los Angeles must have the capability of convincing internal teams as well as clients to put the right thing into action, something that comes out while speaking at a meeting or from case studies, writing decks, points of view (POVs). These include both speaking and writing abilities.

Not only does SEO call for innate confidence but also the competence in extracting complex, intricate ideas and thoughts and turning them into lucid concepts which non-SEO people can grasp and come to a decision with.

3. Technical and programming skills

Thorough professionals at a Los Angeles SEO consultant office put down recommendations related to page speed, lazy loading, microdata tagging, rendering, server-side redirects, and basic HTML tags. All of these actions are done more effortlessly if you can communicate well with the developer and contribute by offering substantial insights instead of just demanding them.

Getting to know the origin of the developers’ POV when they slip back comes of good help at reconciling the difference of opinions. Literally, there are scores of technical things that can be easily discovered with a few basic programming acumens.

Also, assessing the level of effort versus the eventual SEO impact is key. Even though SEO pros aren’t expected to write codes, they’re required to understand the changes they bring to pass through coding implications. Also, it’s necessary for them to have in-depth knowledge of:

  • The efforts developers put into practice.
  • The most commonly observed mistakes and objections and the likely ways of getting them trounced.

4. Analytics expertise

SEO professionals providing local SEO services in Los Angeles can save lots of time if they have direct access to Google Analytics and their own relevant data. Moreover, fundamental awareness of key business KPIs is also obligatory to dish out a well-thought-out SEO strategy. Even if they’re unable to pull the data from Adobe and Google Analytics the mere understanding is of great benefit. But, in case you’re even not able to pull data and get the segmentation done, you’re perhaps missing out on a few valuable insights.

5. Flairs for motivation and adaptability

When it comes to SEO it’s not about turning your clock off at 5 PM. Beyond doubt, marketing isn’t something that’s left behind at the office every night. It remains inside your brain all through.

These days, in order to truly become a Los Angeles SEO consultant the need to have the internal drive to keep learning, is compulsory. Regardless of whether it’s a newly developed programming language, the latest framework such as WordPress, React, or Angular, a novel search engine standard like AMP or Schema, or having knowledge of AI and machine learning, there are always different, original things to get wind of the fact.

SEO consultants who usually do well have their personal project websites or knock their own tools together for solving their unique problems. Also, SEO demands adaptability because as the industry keeps evolving, professionals are expected to occasionally admit to client requirements as far as directory submissions, link disavows, and PageRank sculpting, etc. are concerned. The bottom line is to think about the client’s goals with paramount significance, every so often at the expense of forgoing SEO revenue opportunities.

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