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In recent times marketers are facing lots of challenges and pressure to achieve more with fewer resources on hand. This means they’re obligated to increase productivity and sales with a small number of resources in relatively less time. Thankfully, marketers have marketing automation services in their arsenal to support their efforts.

Marketing automation is an ever-progressive technology that has the potency to augment leads, boost conversions, and eventually generate more revenue. Moreover, cutting-edge marketing automation services are notches above normal, customary support tools. They’re revolutionizing the role of marketers by simplifying or even eliminating mundane daily tasks and responsibilities from their workloads.

To run marketing automation services and campaigns besides touching base with customers with more efficiency and effectiveness, it’s imperative for brands to leverage marketing automation capabilities by taking a significant share of operational jobs, thereby allowing marketers to devote more time and effort in making strategies and creating content.

Therefore by enabling automation platforms to do a major chunk of the tactical work, marketers can spend more focusing on the high-level, business-critical aspects of their strategies. They gain the ability to think purposefully, enhance their creativity, produce better quality content and engage in customer interactions.

So how can marketing automation services help in enhanced customer engagement and improved business prospects? Read on to learn 5 ways to achieve them.

1. Through the integration of fully automatic customer welcome programs

One of the best ways by virtue of which a brand can initiate and nurture a lasting relationship with its customers is by means of a simple yet encouraging welcome program. You can reach out to your customers by sending an introductory mail soon after a customer shows interest in your product or service either by creating an account or subscribing to an email newsletter. In this manner, marketers can enable customers to:

  • Know their expectations in depth
  • Share extensive information about the brand
  • Appreciate newly joined customers to induce shopping

Welcome emails are also found to be offering a great opportunity in gathering substantial information about the new customers. Email newsletters rendered by marketing automation services can request more information from the customer. Also, they can prompt a customer to consummate a specific action. In consequence, the data so generated can be utilized for triggering:

  • Supplemental communication
  • Personalized on-page content
  • Customized incentives

2. Through the inclusion of robust customer retention programs

The automation of advanced lifecycle campaigns, for instance, win-back or abandoned cart campaigns can exert great influence as far as the brand’s bottom line is concerned. Regardless of the renown of the brand, website, product, or service, life can sometimes interfere in the way, a customer progresses in making the ultimate purchase. So, customer retention is one of the most effortless means by which you can augment profits. Research shows that when you improve your customer retention rate by only 5 percent you’ll be able to raise your company’s overall profits by as high as 95 percent.

It’s feasible and relevant to automate retention programs, especially those precipitated by a certain period of inactivity or an abandoned cart, by constructing them with well-timed and appropriate messaging. Surely, this can be a cogent way to bring back the customer gone off-course and make them get engaged with your brand again. Therefore, with the help of marketing automation services, it’s likely that the brand can recover its lost revenue with the slightest extra manual effort in the best interests of the marketing team.

3. Through the automation of synchronized multi-channel campaigns

The majority of marketers are aware of the essential need to organize their campaigns across a selection of channels, platforms, and devices. This is owing to the reason of online shoppers jumping from one to another at the present moment. Since nowadays online customers are all-pervasive, the brand should be ubiquitous as well. By capitalizing on marketing automation services you can easily achieve this distinctive “all over the place” status for your business.

These days customers can be categorized based on:

  • Hyper-relevant product recommendations
  • Smart target segmentation
  • Conditional content

Such customers can be pursued by marketers through:

  • Email
  • SMS messaging
  • Push notifications
  • Social media interactions
  • Targeted ads

All these harmonized automated marketing strategies work in accord to help allow marketers to initiate simpler customer interactions and more importantly engage with increased efficacy and subjectivity with the customer.

4. Through improvement in customer personalization

Through marketing automation services, you can fabricate powerful, productive, and holistic customer profiles. Subsequently, businesses can carry out a detailed analysis of these profiles and make segmentation of customers into decidedly targeted audience base. This ensures communication of the “right message” to the “right person” through the “right channel” and at the “right moment”.

These customer profiles can be updated continuously and automatically through marketing automation services so that you can set the seal on that the information is up-to-date at all times without having to involve the marketing team to sift through huge data reserves.

5. Through the ability of optimization and iteration

Marketing teams possess the inherent understanding of the messages that most effectively resonate with each set of the target audience. They also have the acumen to decide where, when, and how to send these messages to amass optimal results by leveraging the efficacy of marketing automation services. They can take to optimization and iterative testing of the diverse messages, subject lines, and creative executions.

This type of information becomes crucial for optimizing the content which can be accomplished in less time and with less capital outlay.

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