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The past few years have observed an exponential growth in the trend to incorporate marketing automation software into the existing sales and marketing processes. Taking into consideration the pace at which innovation and adoption are showing a distinct upswing in the current times, you may be wondering, where exactly marketing automation is moving towards, what are the gradually emerging trends and how will it impact your business in a favorable manner.

Here we’ll explore three major reasons to convince and help firms integrate state-of-the-art marketing automation software into their respective businesses.

It gives you an opportunity to channelize your attention to more important tasks and responsibilities.

Typical run-of-the-mill marketing jobs include composing individual emails that need to be sent to your leads. Besides, you may need to constantly update your social media stream. These obligatory data-entry tasks in marketing can be highly labor-intensive and time-consuming.

On the off chance, you don’t have a full-fledged marketing team to carry out this work for you, as an entrepreneur, you’re most likely going to get bogged down in person with these tedious jobs. The list of such tasks can be long. As a result, you’re left with no time at all to focus on core marketing issues.

The incredible attribute of marketing automation is that once the creation of your initial content is over, you can simply blank it out of your mind, allow it to run independently and whip up its magic. It helps in sending automatic emails to your prospects that may show a proclivity to sign up for your updates. It also assists in publishing your social media posts based on a pre-defined schedule. This implies that you can invest your energy and time to concentrate on key business issues.

It offers you a scope to remain in relevance to your customers with their ever-changing demands and needs.

It’s seen quite often that businesses, especially startups and SMEs that have stricter timelines to deliver, you put more focus to acquire customers. Retaining them long-term becomes less important. Another perk to marketing automation lies here. With robust and insightful analytics in place, you can gauge your existing customers’ interests or behaviors and advertise and sell them your products accordingly.

Say, for instance, you’ve got a customer who takes up a subscription for your cloud-storage service with a forecast to augment capacity every six months. With marketing automation, the requirement of any predictive analytics becomes redundant. It’s obvious that in the next six months the same pattern will again run through. However, in a profitable bargain, you can offer the customer, your products at double capacity with a discount immediately as those six months roll around.

You can effortlessly keep in touch through active engagement in the form of automated personalized emails. This will create a perception among customers that they’re still valued which in turn helps establish and foster their long-term association with your brand.

It provides you a chance to easily track and analyze your results

With suffused comprehensive reporting and analytics, marketing automation software helps monitor and analyze the performance of your campaigns. It aids you to gain an understanding if your marketing campaigns are achieving your business goals. You need to pay a lot of attention researching this extremely vital data.

Many businesses simply ignore this aspect. But, even a careful glance at the measured data can help you garner major positive results. This can fructify only when you’re keen on incorporating minute changes to bolster your future campaigns depending on what knowledge you acquire.

Take, for example, a case where you’ve got an email drip campaign which allows your prospects to register and download whitepapers and articles. However, results often show that once they’re through with downloading your whitepapers, a vast majority of the people who signed up, unsubscribe from your emails and newsletters. Herein lies the high sign to change your strategies.

Such a trend might suggest that the whitepaper content couldn’t match up to their expectation or intent. Then, you could buttress the subject of your whitepaper by appending an informative article to it. Furthermore, you can go ahead and offer an impressive product discount. You need to try out these techniques and then measure the end results.

Thus, when it comes to marketing automation, these one-off benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. In the present times, it has evolved in a decent way and become smarter, more accessible and more tailored. The combination of the advantages explains in totality why marketing automation has grown rapidly over the years. It indicates no sign of recession anytime soon. Therefore, it’s worth a bit of financial investment and times to get underway and subsequently observe a fast-increasing ROI.

Here, the lesson for business owners is simple and clear. A direct lift from the Darwinian Theory! Evolve your business with automation now or expose yourself to the risk of missing out on your market share by giving your competitors a noticeable edge.

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