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Do you happen to be an inbound marketing expert?  If yes, then one important deliverable of your job lies in seizing high-quality leads. When a stream of leads flow into your system, it offers you enough dispensation in coming to the aid of your salespeople in doing their jobs and making the company grow. Once you’re thru with capturing substantial leads, a productive lead qualification process by virtue of free CRM software can give assistance to your salespeople to qualify the leads with more ease and clinch them by getting in touch with the right lead at the right time.

Like many other marketing professionals, you may be using web form solutions for capturing leads. Naturally, you may try to find ways to optimize the web forms with the intent of capturing the best plausible quality leads.

Here’s a compilation of 4 useful ideas to help you start developing web forms with free CRM and subsequently gathering high-quality leads.

1. Avoid using fields marked “optional” and employ field validation

What’s your likelihood of filling out an optional field on a web form? Quite less, right? Usually, people refrain from filling out fields on a web form that they aren’t required to. Perhaps, they may leave the optional field blank. So it’s vital that you include all important fields and mark them as “compulsory”. Stay away from including fields that have negligible relevance or importance. In this way, you can make sure all the forms so submitted are complete and key details aren’t missed out.

Even when people fill out every required field in your lead forms, now and again, either mistakenly or purposefully, they might put erroneous information in the web form fields. by means of field validation, especially in scenarios where a form field (such as an email address, a number, etc.) is instructed to accept a specific type of value, the problem associated with the input of wrong information can be fixed. Here, free CRM software dictates you to gather only the right type of data.

2. Ask appropriate questions

The stage of lead qualification in the sales process is of paramount significance for both sales and marketing professionals. Occasionally, in the midst of the sales process, you may feel the need to figure out if chasing a particular lead has enough merit in consuming time.  In this context, there are several things you need to ascertain. These include:

  • If the lead has enough budget to buy your solution
  • If the lead comes from a relevant industry
  • If the role of the lead is qualified enough to buy your solution
  • If the lead can put your referral forward to an acquaintance in the same position

So, what’s the underlying means to capture good, qualified leads? By utilizing the effectiveness of a free CRM you can know your leads inside out and work for acquiring all-encompassing information by utilizing drop-down menus in your web forms. These drop-down menus allude to queries related to an industry, a lead’s title, company’s revenue earning, etc. These parameters give you enough indication of whether a particular lead is worth more consideration.

3. Offer downloadable items to attract contact information

There are a number of resources, for example, infographics eBooks, white papers, and tip sheets which can be downloaded from the website. By providing such downloadable items you can entice your customers in filling out your web forms by putting in their important contact information.

These resources can likewise come up with more info about a lead depending on the exact nature of the download. Moreover, the resources that a customer downloads are indicative of the typical products/services which the customer is keen on buying. This offers you ample, additional reason for initiating follow-ups with them with relevant guidance from a free CRM. For instance, given that you have offered a gated plan comparison to download and a lead gets it downloaded, such a behavior literally expresses a very high level of interest or intent to buy your product/service.

4. Integrate your web forms with smart tools like email marketing campaigns

So now, you perhaps have gained enough understanding with reference to lead generation by means of web forms with a free CRM software system in tow. However, when you manage to successfully capture leads, never leave them to just disappear from the scene without taking any appropriate action. Initially, you may find the leads not quite willing to buy from you. At this point, you need to retain and foster a relationship with any front-running email marketing program. The key lies in discovering a web form solution that can be easily integrated with the email marketing programs you put into service.

Through consistent lead nurturing you can direct your leads to your uniquely designed email drip campaign. Here, you can develop the relationship by sending emails at regular periodicity expecting them to get convinced and commit a purchase of your product/service. Plus, think about incorporating web forms with sharp-witted sales automation solutions like Salesforce into your free CRM substructure. This can lend you a helping hand in qualifying and prioritizing the leads you garner via web forms conditional on the intent of their purchase.

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