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If truth be told, a custom CRM solution isn’t only software it’s also a comprehensive business strategy in motion. Soffront has been a prominent player as far as custom CRM software development for sundry industries is concerned. A topnotch CRM system helps systematize the marketing and sales processes of a company. Besides, it offers support to several other departments such as finance, accounting, reporting, and administration.

In recent times businesses have discerned customer relationship management as a central factor for ushering in continued growth and success. It’s because of this reason businesses, in general, have taken to incorporating custom CRM software development into their core processes.

Why choose Soffront?

Soffront has profound experience in integrating customized CRM systems with other business-specific tools and functionalities. Through custom CRM software development, Soffront has been able to put very large databases into operation in congruence with existing systems. Furthermore, Soffront has made database management, direct marketing, and customer information management smoother by means of successful CRM implementation.

Soffront is fortified by seasoned developers and Q&A analysts to efficiently carry out custom CRM software development solutions. What’s more, Soffront comes up with a competent pricing model even fit for companies working on small or inadequate budget budgets.

For proper organization

When your sales reps continue to spend critical time searching for the contact details of a client via the call or email history, it’s a big wastage of time for the sales reps. Maintaining time and speed simultaneously is crucial for all sales processes. Thankfully, custom CRM software development can come to your aid in saving plenty of time. CRM software offered by Soffront acts as a huge database repository with reference to every detail linked to your clients, customers, and suppliers which can be easily managed and accessed.

For streamlined communication

Custom CRM development software put forward by Soffront brings about systemization of communication across all levels in a company. It’s pointless if a newly recruited sales rep works on a particular lead which has already been contacted by a colleague. Through the implementation of its CRM system, Soffront helps you by letting all your resources instantly gain access to information about the progress made in attracting a prospect and all relevant communication logs and summaries. It’s very easy to obtain all requisite data on customer communication history.

For increased customer intimacy

In essence, customer intimacy involves the process of establishing closer contact with your customers with the intent of mainly identifying customer pain points. This leads to tailoring your products and/or services with robust problem-solving abilities and a more efficient adaptation of products based on customer needs. Custom CRM software development solution set in motion by Soffront helps you grab hold of crucial information relating to customer buying behaviors and enables continuous product development, targeted marketing, and sales activities.

For improved reporting

Lacking a CRM system would cause different sales reps to track several activities in different ways. This makes it troublesome for middle and senior management teams to put data together and develop a clear, logical picture. Custom CRM software development by Soffront comes up with bringing more uniformity to data entry which implies managers are able to effortlessly carry out combination and analysis of data for comprehending the general health of sales in your company and contribute significantly to amplifying business sales.

A few salient features of Soffront CRM

Lead and contact management

All sales lead when tracked and nurtured in the right manner can open up great opportunities for revenue generation. The feature keeps a tab on all steps undertaken for converting your leads into paying customers. These include phone calls, reminder alerts, follow-up notifications, and meeting conversations.  It also remains in charge of the critical task to manage your contacts across several domains.

Pipelines and opportunities

This feature of custom CRM software development solution helps create a multitude of pipelines and monitor the progress and values they generate. It’s an extremely intuitive way to keep a regular watch on how a marketing channel performs. The feature enables the creation of opportunities inside a pipeline which in a similar fashion can be followed all through their entire lifecycle.

Calendar and events

This feature allows you to take a look at every CRM related event and task through a single calendar view. You’ll be able to have this feature dragged and dropped for editing purposes. Plus, you can check over the calendars of many users and customer-specific data by making use of different filters.

Ticket and tracking of issues

With this feature brought in by custom CRM software development, you can create trouble tickets to make note of customer issues and get them automatically assigned to customer service reps and updated at each step to allow for escalation in case of no progress.

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