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For most of the small businesses today, the concept of sales tracking sounds very intense. Do you really think, you should send a URL to track everything your customer does? Probably not!

Fortunately, sales tracking has now become easier & more affordable with sales tracking software for small businessThe best part about using this software in the usual sense is that it enables you to enjoy a range of benefits in the growth and productivity of your business. 

So, would you still watch your business just pass by without even trying to know how successful or unsuccessful your sales process is?

Don’t do that, rather use the software to track the time your customers are willing to buy your product till the time they pay you.

If you’re still not convinced with it, let me show five major benefits that you’ll receive by using a sales tracking solution:

Experience an improved collaboration and strong internal communication

soffront - sales tracking software for small business

One of the most critical advantages of using cloud-based, sales tracking software for small business, is that it helps to streamline all of the contact databases into a unified accessible page. While you’re working on the cloud, every member of your team irrespective of the department can view or upgrade the information on the contact page. That means every conversation made with the contact is tracked and upgraded in real-time. This reduces the hassles that occur when two teams are working remotely and while gathering the information on the same customer contact. 

Thus, no matter whosoever is assisting your customer needs, that individual will have complete access to customers historical data at their fingertips.

A cloud-based CRM, integrated with sales tracking system lets you to easily acknowledge that your team on board is aligned in their efforts to assist the present customers and convert leads in the following ways:

  • It comes with an ability to manage a single page while giving you complete visibility on your leads and customers, including their contact details, conversation history. The software allows you to quickly look at the activity history of your customer contact and check the emails they’ve opened, links they’ve checked and the videos they’ve watched. 

  • Provides you with a contact timeline that visually represents the contact activity details such as exchanged emails, website visits, social media updates and activity on a dashboard. 

  • Accessibility of data becomes universal when you start working on cloud nonetheless, it empowers your staffs by helping them to access and work with the customer’s data any time from any location. 

  • The software allows you to quickly look at the activity history of your customer contact and check the emails they have opened, links they’ve checked and the videos they’ve watched. 

Easily determine the individual performance of your customers

soffront - sales tracking software for small business

Selling your products with little or no knowledge of your customer’s performance is a real struggle. Don’t you think it would be better if you already had the idea about what’s going in your customers head? Or if you could check the individual performance of the prospects!

The good news is that all these become super easy for you when you’re armed with all the kind of knowledge about your customer’s interest and performance. You can easily prepare and execute the conversation they’re expecting from you.

Soffront CRM offers you exceptional insights into your leads and customers, thus leaving you completely equipped with a sales tracking software for small business, right when you need it. 

Gain a deeper insight on your products and services

soffront - sales tracking software for small business

Before you start contemplating, question yourself, why does your business require a sales tracking system? It could be to know more about your leads & customers, but you can’t afford to not prepare yourself enough for the meeting and go with your own assumptions. You will not be able to convince them to choose your products.

Thus, once you gain more understanding about your products and services using sales tracking system, you can focus on the value you’re delivering for your customers rather than deciding over the clients who are not interested in what you’re providing them. At the same time, you might be thinking that your product X is your strength, while in reality Y is your USP. So, now you understand, that having some data with each contact transaction is important in understanding the potential and perceived value of all your products and selling options.

Let your staffs deliver at maximum operational productivity

soffront - sales tracking software for small business

Do you know, how much time each of your employees invests in doing daily administrative chores? What if you could lower the time by 50% or more using cloud-based software to automate and streamline most of your administrative hassles? All of these become possible by using sales tracking software for small business

Now, what will you do with all that extra time? You would be able to invest more time and effort in doing works that really matter such as lead conversion, closing deals, and devoting a significant amount of time to your valued customers, ensuring that all their demands are fulfilled.

Quickly see how a sales tracking solution makes it effortless:

  • Drag & drop tools for project management: It allows you to assign and reassign tasks to your team on board, trigger task notification and check the completion of tasks

  • Intuitive & user friendly: It enables you to easily crosscheck your list of tasks, sort as per the due date and mark the completed task so that you never fall behind. 

  • Built-in integrated workflows: The software helps to streamline all processes across your organization, keeping consistency intact with your internal processes

  • Advanced calling: It comes with advanced calling features such as one-click dial, automation of call logs thus expanding your brand reach. 

Make your customers happier & contented with the service over a long term

soffront - sales tracking software for small bsiness

Winning the deals is usually the topmost intention of a sales team. But have you thought about keeping your new customers happy once they sign the contract? If you have not, then this is the time to consider that. Getting the best sales tracking software for small business will effortlessly enhance your customer service experience in a myriad of ways. 

By automating your daily ongoing tasks, it frees you enough time for your employees to devote ample time on one to one conversation with clients, thus making them happy. Also, by incorporating automated surveys to collect customer feedback allow you to integrate and analyse the response and act according to their needs.

Your way ahead

As you can already understand, that implementing an effective sales tracking software, will leave you no scope for second thoughts. Now the thought that might instigate you is that, do you at all need a solution?

We would suggest to stop contemplating and just find out which solution is the best for you! To know more about sales tracking tools and software, do reach us today!

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