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It is not been long since social media emerged as an effective medium to create brand awareness and bring engagement. Marketers soon, understood the potential, that social mediums, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat have in cost-effective advertising and marketing opportunities. To improve the experience and let the social engagement reach far and wide, best social media management tools are also available.

With that being said most business, regardless of their industry have or will have tried their luck in drawing engagement and lead conversion.

However, now the question comes, how many of them have been able to effectively use the social media marketing tools to their advantage?

Well, the answer will be very few of them. The opportunities of the best social media management tools also come with certain glitches. These glitches, if not identified, will disable the effectiveness of the social media marketing tools in turning the leads into conversions.

So, what are the major pitfalls of that the marketers fail to identify even in the best social media management tools?

Let’s take a look


1. No Plan Or Social Media Strategy


Social media has great potential but, it is not going to do all the work for you. In simple words, to execute a successful social media campaigns and ensure the optimized utilization of social media marketing tools, a well-planned and comprehensive strategy is required.

Wondering what a social media plan look like? To start with, your social media efforts should be coordinated with your overall marketing goals. For example, are you looking to raise brand awareness? The social media techniques must support and align with your strategy.

2. Inconsistent Posting


One of the biggest mistakes made while marketing through the best social media management tools, is not integrating the social media postings into the daily marketing strategy. Do you post once in a week when you get time? Or just post randomly without following any schedule, when you come across anything interesting? None of these ways are right.

The brands, which have got success through social media marketing tools have attributed to regular posting, and on a schedule, when the targeted audience is most active.


3. Ineffective Targeting


Also known as a blanket approach, this happens when your social media posts are not focused on a niche market and buyer personas. This way it is very likely that you are going to attract wrong followers. These followers will not engage with your brand or never buy any products or services from you.

Unless, you know, who you are targeting, it will be very difficult for you to see your efforts converting into numbers. There are tons of effective social media marketing tools that will assist to target the specific audiences. A marketer will be able to define its ideal audience with the help of these tools.

You must also know that how your customer uses the platform. For doing so, you can give it a segment-target-position approach for audience engagement. This will make sure, your message appeals to their motivations and needs.

4. Going Overboard with Self-Promotion


Social media and the social media marketing tools greatly differ from the usual or traditional methods of advertising and marketing. While selling is an important part of your business, not all social media users can be sold to. Users browse the social media platforms to get entertained, inspired and engaged.

Thus, you must give your followers and targeted audience something interesting to share with their friends so that it might start a conversation. Once you have established a loyal follower base, they will be more responsive when you post sales message.

5. Too-Much Textual Content


Advertising methods and approaches have changed drastically. So if you are still clinging on to texts advertisement campaigns, the followers might lose interest. Instead, try the visual contents that are proven to be more effective for social media marketing tools. The visual contents prompt the followers to share and engage more. Even if you are challenged by designing and graphics, there are tools to help you succeed with interesting visual contents.

Pitfalls are part of life and it is not bound to any single industry. Once you have identified the pitfalls in your social media marketing campaigns, maintaining the best practices will bring good results. It will help your business grow as a brand and foster relationships with your existing or future customers.

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