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Customer Experience: In 2018, customer experience will be instrumental in driving the marketing automation software market. The recent shift in the trends of markets has forced the companies to develop new ways of engaging the customer and giving them an enriched experience. As new strategies are deployed to the target customer, shorter content, full streaming videos or infographics are preferred.

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Content Marketing Automation: After the content is finished, it is only left to communicate it to the right channels, at the right time. But in order to have an edge in the regularity of publications and efficiency, companies are opting for automation tools to communicate and promote content through various channels. The results are obvious, not only you gain efficiency but this method helps in reaching and retaining that group of individuals whose appointments happen on a daily basis thus putting your company in the expert bracket.

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Chatbots: Chatbots are perfect examples of online Customer Relationship Management system impacting the business in 2018. These intelligent programs have the ability to comprehend, analyze and then formulate an adequate reply to customer queries in real time. Ever since Facebook messenger opened its API, the ease and simplicity of installing these on CMS have inspired a lot of companies to implement it. In the future, their challenge will be to innovate customer engagement providing a better user experience rather than mere customer service using customer data. Further expectations will shape up in the form of artificial empathy where they will be able to connect to the customer emotionally and listen to their wanting. This will automate customer expectations and enable humans to focus on their “real” customer holding strong added value.

The future looks bright with thought-leaders pioneering digital transformation and paving the way to tremendous opportunities. If they can manage to anticipate the consequence of the current mutations, companies will evolve and marketing resources will experience growth like never before.

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