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Video marketing or social media marketing although is an effective medium to boost the sales, its efficiency does depend upon a number of methods. In this article, I am going to discuss them.

Social Media Marketing

1. Increase Conversions with Product Videos:

Majority of the online visitors have the inclination to look after a video of a product before buying it. So it is a good practice for a business to set up short promotional videos that display the main benefits and features of the product and put them on the website. For example, if you have a clothing store, instead of posting photos, make a video of a model wearing your clothes. If you offer a service, make a video and explain the advantages of using your service and how it solves certain problems.

Produce the video yourself. Use tools such as Wideo and PowToon to create animated videos. If a video is creative, it may catch the attention of a news desk or a potential buyer. Coming to creative videos, a video does not necessarily have to be expensive with all the filming and shooting, a collection of repurposed photos presented as slides in a nice template with some cool background audio goes a long way into convincing a customer.

Website Lead Generation

2. Drive Traffic with How-To Videos:

How to videos is the best way to compel the buyer to buy your product. Educating a customer or being able to solve the queries is a strong indication of the customer’s intent of buying the product. In fact, nearly 1 in 3 millennials hold the opinion that their purchase was the direct result of watching a tutorial on How To video.

Come up and share Uses of your Product. For Example, tell the customer on how to tie a tie or how to use a microwave. Don’t try to sell your product, instead focus on instructing your audience. Most videos appear in google keyword searches and almost all of them are from YouTube. So remember to optimize your video with keywords for SEO. Write detailed meta descriptions about your video and add snippets of your voice-over. That will inspire people to become engaged in your video.

3. Onboard users with Product Walk-through:

Ensure that your users have smooth, comfortable and fun on-boarding process, and they likely to stay long-term. Before you get started, it is important to empathize with first-time users. Select the most common use cases for your product and do a screen recording. Review your use cases slowly and clearly and narrate the process. Send the link to your onboarding video to your welcome email.

4. Cut down on Customer Service Cases with Screencasts:

Apart from helping onboard your users, Screencasts also reduce the number of customer service calls you receive. Text and FAQs can be tedious at times to learn. Instead, a visual tutorial about the most common questions the customer has enhances their learning process and builds credibility for you.

5. Create Social Proof with Testimonials:

Testimonials are a great way to build credibility. Ask some of your loyal customers to do a video testimonial for your business, if it is live, then all the better. Have them talk about your product or service.

6. Increase Sales with Video Ads:

Online video ads are currently the most effective online ad medium. Most of the ad agency says that online ads are most effective than TV ads. Create video ads for your product and post them on YouTube or Facebook. Make use of subscriptions and video cards for extra stress on YouTube and promote your ads on Facebook. Make sure your targeting is precise.

Video marketing

7. Re-target Website Visitors:

As a final step, it is very important to re-target visitors who for some reason did not convert.

On Facebook, make a customized audience to retarget visitors from your front page or a particular product page. On YouTube, begin a new campaign and make a video re-marketing list. Then choose the YouTube video you’d like to promote, as you would when starting a video campaign.

The video is the most attractive and educational medium to draw your customers, and many marketers are seeing good results using them.

There are many types of videos that can be made, be creative in your presentation, Focus on your company’s strengths, and find ways to showcase them via video to current and potential customers.

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