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Being the owner of a modern successful business odds are you have gained enough familiarity with basic CRM features. But, what about the advanced CRM features on hand? Have you explored their utility and efficacy? Thus beyond the usual world of basic CRM functionality lies the place replete with reasonably impressive advanced features which can be consolidated all through the process of custom CRM software development to keep on with the smooth, profit-worthy operations of your business.

Here are 6 of the most notable ones poised to leave a mark.

  1. Channel Management

This is one of the advanced features brought into effect during custom CRM software development. The feature is known to keep a track of the movement of goods and services right from the seller up to the end consumer. For instance, given that a large enterprise collaborates with a full-fledged distribution partner the channel management tool will aid in monitoring the progress made in the transportation of the products and their delivery to the customer at every step of the line. Large businesses have plenty of third-party vendors and partners. So for them, the channel management functionality comes handy.

  1. Help Desk Automation

The tool preserves information pertaining to customer complaints inside a search-friendly database, keeps tabs of interactions, and automates the process of issue resolution by making effective use of an issue tracking mechanism. This is achieved by creating electronically operated trouble tickets used to keep a watch on the issue beginning from the point of raising the complaint through its eventual resolution. Mainly, the tool utilizes the trouble ticketing system as part of custom CRM software development to come to the aid of customer support reps in documenting routing, tracking, resolving, and reporting issues raised by customers.

Interestingly helpdesk management can cater to two different business teams namely:

  • The customer service team that concentrates on external customers who have bought products and/or services from the company

  • The IT team that puts its contribution by serving internal customers or the company’s employees with the handling and resolution of complex IT problems

  1. Call Center Automation

As the name suggests the call center automation tool is used by call centers which are essentially centralized units of business operations run by support reps giving assistance to customers through phone calls or any other type of communication channels, for example, live chat, SMS text, instant messaging, email, and social media. This tool is primarily used by line managers and supervisors who manage the call centers. Since large businesses handle high call volumes the integration of a call center automation tool into custom CRM software development becomes imperative.

  1. Field Service Management

Companies with the intent of providing services outside the bounds of their original business locations extensively use field service management tools. Incorporated in the course of custom CRM software development the tool lends a helping hand to companies in scheduling and tracking external operations. The tool is proficient in organizing plans and routes besides coming up with vital information about essential supplies, parts, and last but not the least, customers.

Managers employ field service management tools for scheduling meetings with external agents and resources, tracking down customer history, and managing work orders. The tool becomes a necessity for businesses thriving in a field service industry where you carry out deliveries regularly.

  1. Marketing Automation

All-encompassing marketing automation tools furnish businesses with a comprehensive list of features and functionalities like the following.

  • Content marketing

  • Lead generation

  • Lead management

  • Marketing analytics

  • Marketing resource management

  • Mobile-responsive marketing

  • Reporting dashboard and analytics

  • Social media management

Since marketing is crucial to the success of a business, integrating the marketing automation tool with custom CRM software development will be a worthwhile decision to sink your money, time, and resources and bring about financially gainful results.

  1. Analytical Tool

As your business flourishes with the influx of an increasing number of customers and distribution channels, the demand for comprehensive analytical tools of different types becomes important. Let’s say you’ve got a business that sells to a trickle of big-league customers via a single distribution channel. Under such a circumstance, your requirements for analytics would be fairly simple and straightforward. Conversely, if your business boasts of manifold customers and puts a dozen of distribution channels to use, the presence of a top-of-the-range CRM analytical tool is compulsory.

Assuming that you’ve got a huge and complex customer contact list you’d definitely want a list of customer profiles that group customers based on their buying behavior or the distribution channels they’re served by. This is also wherein the integration of an analytical tool during custom CRM software development comes into the scene.

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