StoneEagle Group

Business Challenges

  • Silos of business information across the company.
  • Eliminate redundant and inaccurate system entries.
  • Provide complete data integration with AS/400 system.
  • Non-existent project and workload management.
  • Prevent customer installation delays.


  • Manage work load more effectively, issues and installations all in one place.
  • Support and performance metrics developed to evaluate team performance and customer support levels.
  • Complete visibility into developer efforts.
  • Speeds and simplifies installation efforts.

Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, StoneEagle Group designs, develops and delivers software solutions and administrative systems for insurance carriers and administrators in the automotive and financial industries.In 2009, StoneEagle Group determined that they needed to improve their business processes to improve their customer service by eliminating silos of information within the company. They carefully selected the Soffront system as a tool that would help them refine their project management, communication and information flow. They looked to Soffront to help them achieve their goals.StoneEagle initiated a rigorous RFP process. They reviewed 10 solutions, including some well-known names in the industry such as Front Range Solutions, Numara, ePartners, Softlanding, Microsoft , PS soft. In the end, StoneEagle chose Soffront.

According to Brent Taylor, Vice President of Operations at StoneEagle Group, “We selected Soffront because the product is intuitive and flexible. We can do all the custom work that needs to be done. After looking at all of the other products, we determined that Soffront represented the best value and functionality.”


Installations more Visible and Timely

Prior to Soffront, StoneEagle Group had no visibility into the installation of its Products. According to Taylor, “Each installation has its own unique steps and now we can see where each install is being held up and who’s responsible. It’s improved visibility dramatically.”

“We use the project management application to monitor installations and establish the necessary level of support to keep the project on track,” said Taylor. “We have significantly increased the number of projects that we bring in on time. The dashboards give us keen insight into what developers are working on and we’re better able to keep an eye on their productivity, improving our business processes.”

Taylor went on to say that he believes that the company will continue to close the gaps in the information silos as time goes on. “The ability for our management team to have visibility into all these projects is tremendous. Moreover, it’s helped us identify key areas in our business processes that need improvement and for us to concentrate our energies there.”


An Integrated Suite of CRM Applications for Improved Service

The Soffront system has helped StoneEagle consolidate a significant amount of data together under a single repository. The company is using project management, software defect tracking, customer support, customer portal, knowledge base and Outlook Integration applications. “When you combine this rich of a suite of applications with the number of divisions that are using Soffront, you can imagine the improved customer service we are enjoying,” said Taylor. “This capability has allowed us to increase service levels beyond anything we’ve experienced in the past. When we integrate with our AS/400 we will have complete visibility into our information systems which will increase our productivity as well.”

Customer service improved dramatically with installation of the customer portal. Now customers can see the status of their projects without having to pick up the phone to call StoneEagle. They can view open projects and know exactly where things stand.


Automated Processes save Time and Money

“Before Soffront CRM, we didn’t have a way of tracking internal issues and the labor costs associated with these issues,” explained Taylor. “Now we know weekly and monthly what’s causing repetitive problems for us and turn to our development team for solutions to reduce our costs. The new system allows us to respond to these issues more rapidly.”

Moreover, the automation saves time. “Now that our weekly reports are automated and we get real-time status of where each installation stands, we can monitor our progress. Weekly status reports developed by hand are a thing of the past,” continued Taylor. “We don’t have to worry about things falling through the cracks due to slow reporting systems.”


Easy to Customize Business Processes

Soffront’s easy-to-customize software has enabled StoneEagle to fit the software to their business processes. “The software’s flexible design allows us to create key performance indicators to monitor the efficiency of our developer teams,” noted Taylor. “In addition, this allows us to prioritize hot projects, giving guidance to developers as to which projects they need to focus upon.”

Taylor went on to explain that not needing to hire developers to run the Help Desk System was a key factor in their selection of Soffront. “Very little customization was required with the out-of-the box tools that provided us with much greater flexibility,” Taylor commented.

Automatic email notification promotes a seamless workflow across all divisions. The company’s web-based service division, enterprise level administrative systems division, operations division and customer service division all utilize Soffront. “With automated functions, all of the necessary personnel know what’s happening in real-time and we can be responsive to customers,” said Taylor. “Moreover, the company benefits with cross-division collaboration and sharing of information that normally might never have reached a key member of the team.”


Outstanding Customer Support

StoneEagle Group is extremely pleased with Soffront support staff. “The Soffront team is always available to me,” Taylor concluded. “Ours is a growing business and we’ll always be doing something different with the software and extending its use in our business. I know Soffront’s staff will always be available to help be a part of the solutions that we design.”