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Oil and Gas Information Systems Success Story

Business Challenges

  • Consolidate information into one easy to use, comprehensive system.
  • Streamline and automate processes.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity company wide.
  • Implement a solution that would grow to meet future needs.


  • Implemented one system that was simple to install and use.
  • Optimized workflows and automated processes.
  • Improved efficiency by 30 percent company wide.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and offerings.
  • Plans underway to roll out new services to customers.

For 27 years, Texas-based Oil & Gas Information Systems, Inc. (OGSYS) has provided accounting, land, and production software for the oil and gas industry. The company is successful because they set a high bar for themselves. Their mission is to be the gold standard in their industry—a standard achieved through high-quality software based on a stable, cost-effective, and technically advanced system.In order to fulfill their mission, OGSYS demands excellence in everything they do. In 2008 the company realized that in order to continue to lead their industry, they needed to make some changes in their business processes. They looked to Soffront Software, a pioneer in the CRM industry since 1992, to help them achieve their goal.


Improving business processes

Prior to implementing Soffront, OGSYS used several different systems in their customer support, sales, and development departments. “Because we had to go to several different systems to look for information, one group wasn’t aware of what the other group was doing,” explained Barbara Schweitzer, manager of operations at OGSYS.

After looking into several solutions, including some well-known names in the industry, OGSYS chose Soffront because the product was easy to implement and easy to use. In addition to the product, OGSYS was impressed with what Soffront’s customers had to say about the company. “All of the references that we talked to were happy with Soffront and the service they were receiving,” added Schweitzer.


Superior customer service

Everyone at OGSYS now uses Soffront CRM for sales, support, and development. “All employees can pull up an account and see the status of sales opportunities or a current customer’s trouble tickets,” continued Schweitzer. “Soffront ensures we are up to speed on each customer’s needs and how to meet those needs in a timely manner.”

Schweitzer went on to say that their support team uses the Soffront knowledge base to more efficiently answer customer questions about their software. “Within the next year we plan to roll out the customer portal module. This feature will allow our customers to benefit from the external content in the knowledge base, as well as review the status of their tickets.”


Excellence in efficiency

Since implementing Soffront, OGSYS has increased efficiency companywide by 30 percent. “Our sales process is smoother due to Soffront’s quote generator. With Soffront’s automated defect tracking and ticket reports, we have also increased the efficiency of our customer service. We are now seeing a quicker turn-around time on issue resolution,” noted Schweitzer. “Our clients are being notified automatically about ticket resolutions, available enhancements, and software updates. Of course, these automatic updates not only improve efficiency, but they also increase customer satisfaction.”

OGSYS is extremely pleased with Soffront and the success they have seen. Schweitzer concluded, “Soffront provides us with the support and professional services we need to make our business processes more efficient and to better serve our customers.”