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CASO Success Story

Business Challenges

  • Data silos across departments.
  • Time consuming processes affecting operations.


  • Central availability of information for all departments.
  • Lower chances of errors and discrepancies – over $15,000 saved already.
  • Improved operations with reduced time for calculating margins and job costs.


CASO Document Management (www.caso.com), established in 1994, is an innovator in developing practical imaging services and content management system. CASO’s New York and Texas offices support hundreds of regional and national clients in government, finance, education, healthcare, manufacturing and other sectors.

Before discovering CRM, CASO had data disbursed over several platforms, which meant spending a significant amount of time manipulating and analyzing important data. These data silos resulted in time-consuming processes affecting profitability.


Primary Selection Criteria – Drag and drop customization and integrated modules

In 2012, CASO evaluated several CRM solutions before selecting Soffront. “We reviewed several different companies when looking for a CRM. We wanted something that would be easy to customize and import our data”, explained Kelsey Murray, CRM Admin for CASO. “We chose Soffront because it was more customizable than other solutions and the various modules it offered.”

Soffront offered CASO a flat pricing with no expensive add-ons, easy drag-and-drop customization that requires no programming, and integrated modules. CASO purchased Soffront’s customer service, project management, and QuickBooks integration modules.


Immediate Improvement – the most accurate information available across all departments

Due to Soffront’s flexibility, CASO was able to easily customize Soffront to its unique needs beyond traditional CRM. Today, CASO is using Soffront as a central location for project management and tracking hours for payroll, job costing, and expenses. Kelsey said, “We are able to pull reports of hours, verify accounts payable invoices, and give more accurate cost of jobs and project margins.”

CASO is utilizing Soffront’s role based dashboards to get instant snapshots of key performance indicators (KPIs) across departments. “The dashboards make overviews a breeze and give a good summary of information”, explained Kelsey.

With Soffront, CASO has become more organized with improved visibility on operations. “We have been able to catch discrepancies of up to $15,000 on vendor bills”, continued Kelsey. “We have reduced time for calculating margins and job costs.”


Overall Impression

Kelsey concluded by saying, “I’m very pleased with Soffront products. The program has significantly helped with streamlining our Business Office. I look forward to having all of the modules implemented.”