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Are you one of the organization’s without a Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM)? If so, your business could be missing out on some incredible benefits and profits. That is no bueno! A CRM for small business is intended to assist and streamline your business with a variety of facets such as: email marketing services, social media, marketing automation, sales, and much more. Using a CRM platform is helpful in conducting your target marketing to consumers, but the experience you give those consumers is also extremely important. According to the 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer, conducted by echo for American Express, “Three out of four consumers say they have spent more with a company because of a history of positive customer service experiences.”

Gartner released findings a while back that CRM software as a whole has been booming and is expected to reach 36.5 billion worldwide in 2017. That is just a couple years away, folks. According to Econsultancy, over 70% of businesses have increased their spending on CRM platforms and other digital marketing technology over the last few years. Companies wouldn’t continue pouring money into these CRM platforms just to lose money. These organizations are clearly increasing their sales and profits.

The majority of CRM users are utilizing a cloud based CRM platform due to the mobile capabilities it provides them. According to a study by Software Advice, nearly half of the CRM users accessed their CRM from a phone or tablet. This goes to show that having CRM software that is optimized for mobile devices can be extremely powerful in continually being able to develop your business. Standard computer usage still had a large percentage of users, but laptops had a whopping 86% of the users saying they accessed their CRM from their mobile computer.

Still, you have to remember the customer experience is the most important aspect in everything. Forrester Research did call this the age of the customer, after all. Consumers have an unprecedented ability now to be able to access information from practically anywhere at anytime. Providing them the best service possible is what will make you stick out. Managing all your contact information, such as their wants and needs, in your CRM platform will provide you an invaluable service. That will really help you cultivate a great relationship with customers and keep them around a long time.

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