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Many leading software vendors, for example, Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP have come up with robust enterprise CRM solutions. But, such out of the box CRM systems are plagued with two significant problems namely troublesome implementation and overblown cost of implementation.

Even though enterprise CRM solutions contain the whole shebang, seldom will you find them attending to the needs of businesses backed by unique workflows.

Therefore, rather than putting enormous money into a complex, cumbersome CRM software, it’s more advantageous to custom-build CRM purposefully integrated at a marginally low cost. Even though it might appear to be highly challenging to custom-build CRM, all-new and right from scratch, in reality, it takes much less time than what it would entail converting a CRM suite from another vendor as per your distinctive needs.

Here are five key reasons why you should custom build CRM to meet your company’s specific needs.

1. For meeting your company’s needs to the hilt

When you make a decision to opt for pre-built CRMs, you want to have them created with the intention of appealing to an eclectic selection of businesses. These all-inclusive CRM systems are chockfull with plenty of features and functionalities some of which may not come of any use to the distinctive workflows of your business. These superfluous features only increase the system’s complexity. And, if truth be told, complexity drains you off both money and time.

This is also indicative of the fact that the teams in your company will take substantial time to learn the system rather than actually making efforts to gather contacts and nurture customers. In worst-case scenarios, they might need to get adapted to the tool to make adjustments to your current workflow.

However, when you custom-build CRM through web applications, you precisely get what you want minus the unwelcome bells and whistles. Since a customized CRM application is delineated and put into action based on the workflow that has already secured enough familiarity among different teams, training and getting them acclimatized to the new CRM take relatively lesser time.

2. For establishing seamless integration with your business operations

From lead generation, sales to conversions, and from technical support to customer service every operation will run with more efficacy when you custom build CRM and have it consolidated across many departments. By making use of a low-code platform you may custom build CRM system endowed with the option of integrating the new system with your entire business operation without causing any disruption to your current workflows.

Ultra-modern, customized CRM can enable you to set up a connection with numerous indispensable business tools such as Microsoft Office 365, MailChimp, Constant Contact and many more. This implies every department can continue using the existing software and processes besides taking maximal advantage of the newly implemented custom-build CRM.

3. For bringing in affordability and cost-efficiency to your business

The pricing of the majority of CRM solutions is done per user basis. This is a traditional archaic concept which a lot of companies show adherence to till today. Sadly, such a model fails to meet up to the real expectation where companies, for the most part, have changeable needs of usage among different teams. For instance, even if salespeople are in need of daily access to CRM, the teams from other departments may be required to log in to the CRM once in a while.

A per-user pricing strategy, unlike a situation when you custom-build CRM, is quite inefficient and unproductive as it puts a limitation on your data usage through access restrictions. Or else, the model makes you compelled to shell out an unreasonable amount of capital for extra users.

Your worry comes to a standstill with your decision to custom-build CRM. This ingenious model allows you full control over the number of employees of your company that you can add at no additional cost. Furthermore, the incremental outlay to include new solutions over and above the existing ones is also appreciably low.

4. For building CRM-specific apps across the board in your company

You can custom build CRM application as it’s considered an extremely valued asset that rests on the core of several procedures all through your company. Having such a CRM system means you’re empowered to effortlessly design apps and bring them to fruition depending on the same supporting CRM database.

For instance, your company’s marketing team can fabricate a unique survey app by capitalizing on the information obtained from the core CRM database. By the same token, the customer support department can develop an elaborate ticketing system and the sales team can develop an interactive dashboard and reporting analytics.

So, when you custom builds CRM, you not only galvanize the different departments to develop their individual CRM-centric applications, but also make sure the accuracy, availability, and consistency of customer data are maintained across the board. As a consequence, all the teams in your company can confidently exchange up-to-date information with your customers.

5. For scaling up your potential business opportunities

Out of the box, CRM solutions may be advantageous as far as SMEs working on relatively standard daily activities are concerned. But, when your business experiences a surge in the number of customers or when you’ve got a non-standard business type, the need for extra spending to scale up your existing CRM system comes into being to get it accustomed to meeting the increased needs.

At times a company experiences a sudden rise in its number of customers. On the flip side, it fails to take effective care of the whole pipeline any longer.

This is where you can put the focus on to custom-build CRM instead of the conventional off the shelf ones and make it an integral part of your business processes. When you develop your individual CRM system you’ve got the edge to automatically predict the future growth potential of your business and lay its foundation stone. In consequence, you, in the long term, won’t need a bigger capital outlay to secure the desired magnitude of business scalability.

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