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There are various marketing strategies that can be used to make small businesses thrive. Today I’m going to cover ten important strategies to incorporate into your marketing efforts.

1. Describe what your organization does in a clear sentence

Donald Trump is the master of the elevator pitch. Do not be afraid to learn from the master. Ask a friend or co-worker to give you an honest evaluation of your pitch. Does it provide a basic understanding of what you do? If not, then you need to adjust it. Before someone can decide if they need your product/service they must first understand what you’re saying. Make it loud and clear on your company’s website. I hate browsing websites where I have to dig to find out what the company does.

2. Establish your brand

Your brand is your company. The unique approach you’ve chosen to make your business memorable such as: a tagline, logo, colors, mascot, signature, etc. needs to be used. Make sure to use it consistently in your marketing efforts.

3. Email marketing

A useful tool in building email campaigns is some type of marketing software for small businesses. You need to be able to design your emails to match your brand and disperse quality content to your targeted audience.

4. Segment your targets before you start marketing

This goes hand and hand with the previous point, but you need to segment out your targets before you start sending off your content. Direct mail, email campaigns, and advertising will be much more effective and less expensive to produce if you have your marketing strategy established first. Software for marketing tends to come in handy because that means you’re planning as opposed to just reacting.

5. Marketing automation

One important thing that all small businesses should take advantage of is marketing automation. That will save you time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Using Marketing and sales software is critical in keeping up with the competition.

6. Website (Content & SEO)

Make sure your website is up to par with today’s standards. It needs to look current and have content throughout all your links. Use appropriate key words for SEO use, so when somebody Google’s a specific keyword your website is one of the listings. The better the SEO the higher it is on Google’s search listing results.

7. Network

You need to network to be able to gain contacts. If you don’t have the gift of gab or you’re not an outgoing person, then you’ll want to hire somebody who is. You need to have the personality of a sales person in this respect.

8. Shows and conventions

This is a great way to gain contacts. Make sure you have marketing materials that effectively show what your business does. Also, make sure you have some type of contact management system to keep track of everything.

9. Establish yourself as an expert in your field

Webinars, seminars, blogs, and/or other publications will all help label you as an expert in your field. People are more likely to trust you then.

10. Charity

There are many great charities out there. Many of them will advertise for you or help promote your business after a donation. You give back to the community while helping your business.


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