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There was a day in the not too distant past where a person actually owned the content that they were putting onto the internet. If you created a website, for example, everything that you placed onto that site – from audio clips to pictures to video files – was entirely your property. Google didn’t claim ownership of the content just because that was the way a visitor found the site in the first place.

Those days are long gone, however, with the rise of social media. Popular sites like Facebook make it very clear that they legally own any content uploaded to the site. Because fewer people are visiting traditional websites and more and more of them are using social media, this represents a huge issue for small businesses around the country.

Even though that picture that you uploaded to Facebook is of your storefront, for example, it still officially becomes Facebook’s property the moment the upload is finished.

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More than that, Facebook and similar sites are forcing small business owners to purchase advertising in order to connect with their fans. All of these issues are compounding into a big problem for small business owners that don’t have a vast network of resources.

The solution to that issue, however, is one of the tried and true techniques that businesses relied on in the past: email marketing. Email marketing still has one of the greatest rates of return out of all direct marketing channels. The CMO Council has released a variety of different stats about email marketing in general – like the fact that it shows incredibly high engagement rates with up to 3.75 page views per visit. Additionally, millennials are estimated to touch their smartphones at least 43 times per day – email marketing is one of the best ways to reach that core target audience.

Not only that, but you maintain ownership of the content in question. Your business retains the ownership of the email list that you’re using, the content that you’re sending to members and the ways in which you’re connecting with your fans and audience. In return, you and your business are getting what you’ve always been after in the first place: direct sales.

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