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Too often, employers select a CRM based on marketing and hype around a platform that promises all-in-one pain point solutions. Yet popular CRMs are often too expensive and too challenging to use. Learn why businesses must decide on a CRM their staff will actually use.

CRM By the Numbers
The following statistics on CRM adoption rates illustrate problems with the decision making cycle:

  • Gartner forecast that organizations would spend $23.9 billion on CRMs in 2014, evidencing high interest levels in the systems
  • CRM Magazine’s 2014 survey found 82.9 percent of organizations used CRMs, compared to 48.7 percent in 2004
  • At the same time, CRM Magazine found that the number of employees actually using the CRMs dropped
  • CSO Insights found that just 38 percent of small businesses with CRMs achieved adoption rates over 75 percent

Common CRM Problems

Problems often arise when the decision makers rush the decision, or go with a souped-up CRM that exceeds their needs. Too often this leaves staff rejecting the system because it’s too complicated to use, takes too long, or requires a steep learning curve. These systems are often bloated with features that are not really needed–just “window dressing” to make the system seem better. A good CRM should be intuitive, easy to use, and come with high-level training and support to enhance adoption rates.

The Soffront Difference

Soffront delivers a high-end marketing and CRM system your employees will actually use. With more than 22 years in the CRM business and over 5,000 loyal customers, Soffront is simple to learn. Staff will find it easy to integrate Soffront into their workflow, leading to a greater end use rate. Our CRM offers:

  • Smart sales prospecting and forecasting tools
  • Omnichannel lead capture
  • Automated drip marketing
  • Managed customer support and searchable knowledgebase
  • Better analytics and reporting
  • Ease of use that allows staff to seamlessly integrate CRM into daily tasks and responsibilities

The decision to use a CRM is not one to be taken lightly, as these statistics indicate. To learn more about Soffront CRM or see a demo, contact us today.




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