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rsz_1hierarchy-integration-with-words_1 There’s a disconnection between the Franchisor and the Franchsee, if in nothing else but in location, that means that the feedback loop from end customer-to Franchisee-to-Franchisor can suffer serious lags. A lag in the responsiveness of the organization means serious opportunity cost and decreasing profit margins. In 2015 Franchisors have the opportunity to dramatically lessen this burdensome lag. Centralized optimization throughout the entire organization can be managed with efficient CRM.

The Franchisor has the marketing expertise and the resources to establish marketing templates, successful processes and training. The ideal Franchisor CRM system will link these Franchisor resources to the Franchisee, meaning the Franchisor can “Push” down;

  • Marketing templates
  • Prospects and leads
  • Processes
  • Training to their Franchisees.

This “Push” should happen automatically, without taking resources away from the Franchisee. The Franchisee has the location and relationships necessary to create revenue. The Franchisee is very busy with their core task of servicing/producing for their customer. They most likely do not have the resources to evaluate trends or sales data or processes. Most Franchisees rely on their Franchisor to provide the marketing expertise and process to assure success. This is why it’s vital that the Franchisor take on the responsibility of providing resources, and removes the burden of strategic analysis.

pushpull franchisor CRM When the raw sales data is aggregated and analyzed, patterns emerge which allow the organization to make changes that can dramatically increase profits. If the data is in the right hands. Soffront’s PushPull CRM assures that Franchise managers and executives have this data available to them. Franchisors can “Pull” up;

  • Analytics
  • Revenue Forecasts
  • Process adherence analytics
  • Other Sales data

PushPull CRM is Soffronts answer to that need of connectivity which Franchisors thirst for. Soffront’s PushPull CRM allows Franchisors and Franchisees to communicate effortlessly and in a natural manner, suited for each perspective. For a deeper understanding of how Soffront’s PushPull CRM can fulfill the Franchise CRM need please connect with us by email or phone. For more info on Franchising check out the IFA (International Franchise Association) or the FMU (franchise media update)

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