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The success of any business starts with customers. Thus, it becomes crucial to manage the relationship with customers, which in turn improves the revenue of any business. During the past when managing relationship with customers means accessing piled up files on customers kept in heavy metal cupboards. Now everything seems changes, where most of the successful business rely on custom CRM system and solutions to automate their process and streamline their customer’s expedition throughout the sales funnel.

To be precise, the cloud centred CRM solution is critical in tracking your clients and automating your workflows. The main issue that you’ll encounter while shuffling through it is that ready-made CRM although comes with many features, they are expensive and hyped. While they might be able to deliver a certain solution to your business that your business needs. But the thing that your company needs is a smartly designed application that is customised to meet your requirements, and that is a custom cloud-based CRM application.

As you run through the market, you’ll find leading software brands such as Salesforce, SAP, Hubspot and more that offer enterprise-wide CRM solution, but there’s a catch in it. The major problem is that they have an out of the box solution that difficult and expensive to fit into most of the small business needs.

Enterprise-wide CRM may have all the features, but they hardly address the needs of your business workflow. To help you with this, here in this article we’ve selected the top four reasons why you should have a custom CRM software for your business?

Top reasons to have a custom CRM solution 

On an average most firms use almost 5 to 8 different modes of communication to work with their customers, including phone calls, text messaging, email, accounting software, social platforms, consultants and more.

The main objective of CRM software is to streamline all of these modes for working better with customers within one unified platform. So instead of pouring all your hard-earned money into a complicated or traditional CRM software, who don’t you go for a purpose-oriented system at a much lesser cost?

It may sound scary to build a custom CRM from scratch, but Soffront will make it much easier for you to customise it as per your needs.

Still in doubt? Let’s have a look at the top for reasons to have a custom CRM system.

  1. Custom CRM is crafted to meet your exact requirements 

Generally, readymade CRM system is created to attract most business. They are stuffed with all shorts overhyped features that may not be always helpful to your business workflow. These additional features only add to the complicacy of your suite in terms of both cost and time. At the same time, it means your sales and marketing team will consume more time in learning the system rather than nurturing leads and converting them into customers.

But with a custom CRM system, you get exactly what you’re looking for without any unnecessary hassles. Because the CRM solution is designed to meet your business workflow that your team needs.

  1. Less pricy affair than your pre-built CRM 

Most of the pre-built CRM software comes with a SaaS product, that usually comes in a monthly or yearly subscription plan. And the amount they charge is dependent on the number of contacts in your firm and the available features. But these packages are restricted to a certain extent. As a result, most of the pre-packaged CRM plans come with features which you may never really need, rather you may miss out some important features. Moreover, as your business grows exponentially, such plans turn insufficient to meet your business needs.

You must know that starter packaged support only very few users and miss out some of the crucial features. Hence to get all the important competencies of CRM, firms often switch to a more expensive package. But they forget as CRM cost will keep on growing highest with time.

So, to enhance the functionalities of your business wide workflows, sticking to custom CRM is a wise decision that you can ever make. With the same budget, you can simply personalise more advanced CRM features for your business with the best technical support.

  1. Reduce the time for onboarding 

We all are aware that an efficient training and onboarding programme can help in recent hires to feel welcomed on their new job and it reduces the time it takes for them to become productive in their places. While employees often make inevitable errors while swapping to a new workflow, such as missing calls from leads, lose closing deals and more. Now at this time, if you hire a certified trainer to groom your new staffs, using enterprise solution, it’s likely to take a lot of time or probably months.

Contrary to that, using a simple UI of a custom CRM system, you can easily reduce the lengthy process of onboarding and enhance the productivity of your staffs. Take a look at how a custom CRM software can help you with the onboarding process:

  • As it is centred on existing workflows, it helps to make adjustments easier for new staffs
  • It reduces the number of errors made during the onboarding times
  • You have the option to add advanced features that you require for your business and also cut down the training costs.
  1. It makes the process of scaling easy 

If you want to improve the process of automation and information sharing in your business, you need to maximise your CRM functions to other departments. While scaling your business with a built-in CRM system you’ll face issues such as purchasing a more expensive package that might not include the functions and features, you’re looking for. You may need to upgrade extra add on which comes at a charge of a huge price.

While in a custom CRM system, you’re the sole owner of your product, you can make your own customisations to get CRM features that adapt to your unique business needs. Unlike ready-made CRM, you can add end numbers of users without having to pay any additional cost.

Are you a new CRM user, and looking to plan your necessities for a future custom CRM system? Consider trying the free trial version, or request a demo. We’re sure it will help you to plan and understand the profound features that you need to include in a custom CRM solution.

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