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At this challenging point in our life, we all are dreaming of having superpowers and do extraordinary things. Just like, you’d love to fly to reach our workplace, multitask in a flash of minute, and close deals in a second, you’d also love to respond to the connected world with just a click.

You can be a superhero using your reliable and easy-to-use mobile custom CRM. It does most of your sales automation needs while leaving you to just take care of your customers and closing all your deals.

Yes, with Soffront’s easy to use custom Mobile CRM, your sales team can get fast access to the newest business data at their fingertips.

Take a look at how mobile CRM has made it possible:

4 important features of mobile CRM you can’t avoid

Always be informed on your customer’s email

If you are applying a CRM software, it is clear that you are prioritizing and scaling the growth of your business. For all sizes of the businesses, the traditional way of record keeps and managing spreadsheets gets old quickly. But utilizing a CRM makes your life simple and helps to grow your business.

While you’re busy working on a hectic Monday, browsing through emails and responding to the important ones become an important part of work. But by the end of the day, you find that you missed reading an important email from a valued lead. It happened because your inbox is muddled with too many business, personal, and other unnecessary emails!

The first rule to be smart with your sales work is to attend your leads as soon as possible and filter the emails from your prospects. With Soffront’s custom mobile app, you’ll not only receive emails within the app but also get a filtered view on your lead’s emails. The best part of this app is that you don’t have to keep a regular track on your emails, you’d be notified by a batch on the custom CRM app.

Make your mobile CRM experience unique

Today’s mobile CRM apps can do much more than you can imagine! You can add cloud storage to your mobile CRM, and you’re reading it live through an interface from any device you pick. Using these, distributed teams in your organization can share important files, update and send proposals on the way. Whichever CRM your company might be using, you must get the relevant mobile app for it. Trust me you’ll be so glad once you get it because you will never be stuck while updating it. Just pull out your phone, and add all the required info on just a go!

A quick look at how it works:

  • Always be ready for every meeting with up-to-date customer information
  • Remain connected to your sales and lead report of your business activities
  • Automatic synchronization with your profile and shows you the recent records
  • The administrator can create and change templates from Web CRM

Using a custom mobile app, you can create and customize your mobile app without any coding knowledge. Design the templates using a range of unique features and dynamic set of menus and get your job done. With the help of dynamic menus integrated into your mobile device, you can easily log, view, edit, and close the deals within a few minutes! What else does having a superpower feels like!

Simply automate the everyday chores that are keeping you busy

We understand you love your work, but you also get engrossed in the manual data entry that comes along with it. All-day long, you’d search for emails, multiple clients to interact with, lost inside a bunch of emails, leaving you almost no time to do what you’re required to do!

Soffront’s mobile CRM tools in your sales activities can be a dramatic change for the better. Your sales team can easily update and sync information, manage and track customer service activity, any time from any location. Merging mobile with social CRM gives you a whole new dimension of competencies. Not only can you interact with your customers, but you can also track manage and respond to every issue through an integrated CRM platform.

Email template in Soffront’s mobile CRM, allows you to get rid of monotonous tasks. Just customize the emails for each task, and send them to your required prospects. You can also send mass emails to a list of leads of your choice.

Go mobile & Increase your conversions rate by 200%

Reportedly sales reps, that work at companies using custom mobile CRM app, has reached 65% of the sales quotas in comparison to 22% of the business that doesn’t rely on mobile CRM software.

However, this may get complicated as your sales team and contact lists keep on expanding. The more information you’re tracking in your CRM, the more team members you start relying on and the more complicated it gets while tracking your prospect’s information. 

If you’re wondering how you can keep systems easy and simple as your contact list grows, the answer is mobile CRM, that’ll help you improve your efficiency and increase your conversions.

It becomes possible, as sales reps get empowered with a custom mobile CRM that gives access to complete customer updates on just a move. At the same time, they can connect with customers and schedule appointments much faster, make notes about the communication in real-time, and log all this information while working remotely. This means they can respond to customer necessities even faster and limit the sales cycle thus enhancing the ratio of leads to sales conversion rate.

Summing up

Maybe you work almost round the cloud, attending customer meetings and conferences, but don’t let it stop keeping you and the team updated on the latest happenings! Because if you’re using a CRM, you need a solution that you can carry with you!

Everyone uses a mobile device now, so why you will be the one held back from using it? Make your customer retention and sales tasks more accountable and productive using Soffront’s custom mobile CRM app. By investing in a custom mobile CRM, you can pay dividends throughout your business, far beyond the users of traditional CRM. As mobile usage continues to grow, your customers remain connected to you everywhere. Don’t let your customers lose sight of you!

If you’re still not convinced with the same, it’s time for you to get in touch with us.

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