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As a team of marketing experts, we know that it’s just not enough to have a product, service, or website. Make sure your landing pages and calls to action are giving you the ROI your business needs for success and sustained growth with Soffront’s digital marketing services.

You’ve Created a Landing Page! Now What?

Calls to action, also called CTAs, are strategically planned prompts that encourage targeted conversations with your customers as you take them through their user experience. Simply put CTAs are fundamental components to every marketing plan and can have a serious impact on your ability to generate new leads.

Call to action marketing is everywhere

As you develop your digital marketing strategy, it’s important to stay cognizant of the fact that all the content you publish and syndicate through marketing channels should include clear calls-to-action that give you the ability to turn prospects into sales leads.

Calls to action should be included in:

  • Blog posts
  • Email marketing efforts
  • Social media updates
  • Press releases
  • Experiential marketing events and campaigns
  • Website landing pages

At every step of your marketing campaign, make sure you have a firm sense of what your call to action is and what the customer behavior you’re trying to elicit. For example, leveraging the power of effective calls to action with a strategically designed and implemented landing page is one of the best ways to turn new visitors into leads or sales.

How do landing pages work?

Wondering ‘are landing pages are necessary?’ In a word, Yes. In addition to facilitating opportunities for conversion, landing pages are an excellent opportunity to enhance your digital thumbprint through SEO. Not only do well-designed landing pages result in higher conversion rates, adding landing pages to your site gives your business more opportunities to rank higher in search engines like Google, while also giving you key insights through demographic data about your audience.

Tips to improve your calls to action on landing pages

Make sure your call to action is relevant. Before sending your customer on a journey, you must first take into account where they’re starting from. For example, are you sending a new visitor to a promotion or trial offer or are you trying to entice a current customer to buy invest in something new? Understanding the nuances of your customer’s journey is also made easier through CRM software systems which give you a birds-eye view of what you customer relations experience is really like.

Stick to simple, emotive language that invites customers to start a conversation or take a journey. When it comes to designing the right CTA, being too obvious is the kiss of death. That means avoiding buttons or links that invite users to ‘click here’ or ‘submit’ something. Instead, try using adverbs or phrases that inspire your audience to ‘connect’ or ‘Get started.’

Keep it short and sweet. No matter where your call to action is posted, make sure that it stays between 100-150 characters. Don’t take your audience’s attention for granted, it’s likely that they’re reviewing your content as they’re juggling multiple tasks. That means it’s important to make your customers feel something and invite them to do something in one easily consumable sentence.

Make the Most of Your Landing Pages with a Dynamic CRM

When it comes to increasing conversions, revenue, and ROI from your marketing efforts, your call to action is what really counts. Make sure you understand the basics of CTAs and how to implement them with hundreds of templates we’ve developed specifically with our clients’ ROI in mind. Building the perfect landing page is just a click away—connect with our team to learn more about how our digital marketing services can help.

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