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When it comes to ushering your business’s marketing strategy into the digital age, one of the most common mistakes made in marketing circles, is presuming that email marketing is dead or dying. Despite the naysayers, email marketing isn’t dead, it’s just becoming more sophisticated.

Discover how marketing automation and CRM systems can help reinvent how you connect with your customers.

Email Marketing isn’t Dead, It’s Growing

Did you know more than 280 million emails are sent and received every day? Whether you like it or not, this statistic alone makes the that email is a heavily used communication platform for professionals, consumers, businesses, brands, and marketers.

If you find yourself wondering ‘what is email marketing and how does it work?’, here are some marketing automation and CRM statistics that prove email marketing is here to stay:

  • 72% of American adults prefer that companies communicate with them through their inboxes.
  • 91% of adults indicate that they would like to receive promotional emails and updates from companies and brands they do business with.
  • 73% of businesses across all industries agree that email marketing automation is a crucial component of their sales, marketing, and customer relations efforts.
  • 25% of American businesses rate email marketing automation as their TOP channel when it comes to ROI.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Email Marketing Automation in 2018

1 – It’s more effective than social media

It’s no secret or surprise that many of those wishing email marketing into an early grave are the same people lauding social media for it’s ability to get brands engaged with their audiences. Nevertheless, comparing the two channels is a bit like comparing apples and oranges.

While the value of SMM lies in audience engagement, email is still an unparalleled channel when it comes to consistently driving sales, aiding customer acquisition and extending customer retention. Although a cohesive social media strategy can be more impactful in case-by-case scenarios, it can be easy to get lost in vanity metrics, and other fleeting impressions that don’t really help your bottom line.

Alternately, email marketing automation allows businesses to deliver relevant and insightful content to a targeted audience that has already indicated their approval of your brand or business. And, considering that 90% of Internet users also use email as a primary method of communication; so if your business is trying to effectively reach a majority of your audience, email marketing is the way to go.

2 – Email marketing automation and CRM systems are still evolving

Gone are the days where you had to start every email from scratch. Thanks to the improvement of technology and the addition of cloud-based solutions to CRM and marketing automation software, email marketing companies have the capacity to boost revenue and productivity. From newsletters and email drip campaigns to targeted promotions, businesses are now able to monitor, measure, and manage their emails to ensure that each campaign is driving customer engagement.

Innovation is also driving the power of email marketing and new technologies are helping email marketing evolve into a dynamic platform helping brands deliver cohesive multi-channel experiences to their clients and customers.

3 – Email marketing still has the most ROI

Just because you send your customers an email does not mean they have to read it. Wondering how to develop the right email marketing strategy or looking for email marketing tips to make your campaigns more successful? The first step is understanding your audience. As the digital consumer becomes savvier, the onus will be on businesses and brands to find new ways to engage in a conversation.

For example, one of the most common frustrations for companies is seeing abysmally low click rates on their newsletters. Instead of jumping to the conclusion that email marketing is dead, consider for a moment how you are trying to communicate with your audience.

  • Are you adding value or insight?
  • Are you being too salesy?
  • Are you talking ‘to’ your audience or ‘at’ them?

Modern customers are looking for more out of the brands and businesses they work with. In this sense, email marketing is a dynamic tool that respond to your client’s needs while also helping you boost productivity and revenue.

4 – Most consumers report having purchases influenced by email marketing

Speaking of boosting revenue, 69% of Americans with purchasing power have made purchases that were influenced by a company or brand’s email. By weaving your email marketing into a cohesive marketing automation and CRM strategy, you also increase your customers’ likelihood of completing a purchase after they’ve left your website.

5 – Companies are spending more on marketing automation than ever

Increasing engagement via email marketing automation and CRM systems is one of the top priorities for almost two-thirds of marketers but you have to know what you’re working with. In fact, 15% of sales associates and marketers say their companies don’t consistently review their email marketing metrics while less than 23% have successfully integrated tracking into their website and emails communication. If you’re looking for successful email marketing examples or how to streamline your sales process, investing in a CRM with marketing integration is the next logical step for your business.

Don’t Lose Customers by Ignoring Your Email Marketing

Stop losing time by trying to keep track of the latest marketing trends or wondering ‘how to do’ email marketing. Our team has more than 25 years of experience innovating marketing automation and CRM solutions that actually work. Connect with our team or request your free demo today!

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