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What is Email Marketing?


Broadly speaking, any email that initiates a buying decision is email marketing. This includes advertisements, coupons, newsletters, and so on. Emails can be created and delivered much more quickly than traditional print postal mailers. They are less intrusive and much more efficient than telesales campaigns. Finally, emails allow brands to reach a large audience, while still customizing the message in a way traditional advertising simply cannot compete.


As such, marketers identify the email as the single most effective channel for promoting awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention. When an email reaches the customer’s inbox, he or she is faced with a responsibility to act upon it, although in some rare cases it means pressing the delete button, still, it gets him/her involved. This helps the email campaign to move past customer indifference.

Unlike the banner ads associated with internet browsing, every email reaches the destination without being blocked by ad-blocker and anti-virus software. This is a very good thing for the customer as it enjoys smooth communication.

Get Noticed

Advanced spam filters are generally more focused on intercepting untargeted emails without much in the way of content, meaning that a well-designed campaign email will almost always reach its destination. But email as a channel can only provide marketers with the opportunity to reach their customers. To help ensure that your email marketing campaign connects with your audience.

Subject Lines: Subject Lines greatly impacts a customer’s wish to read or delete a mail. A well crafted subject line will make the customer want to read more, while a crappy one will leave him uninterested. Thus when writing a subject line keep these things in mind:

  • Keep it short: A tight Subject line is more likely to be opened
  • Personalize it: Personalized email messages improve click-through rates significantly
  • Mix it Up: If you are sending newsletters, regularly update your subject line

It is proven that Email marketing is the fastest and viable way to reach your customer, expand your customer base, and do business efficiently. Nowadays more and more business is shifting to email marketing from traditional ads which costs more money and resource and much less efficient than emails.

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